4 Blindly Followed Career Advice You Should Think About Before Implementing In Your Life

Here are a few advice, you should at least give a second thought before following.

How many times have you heard people saying, “Do what your heart tells you to and you’ll feel all the happiness coming to you?” Well, that is true when it comes to certain situations in life. However, not all these sayings prove right when it comes to your career, especially when you’ve graduated recently and any random expert comes up to give you free career advice. Here are a few advice, you should at least give a second thought before following. Read on!

  1. To be successful, follow your passion

This advice holds true if your passion involves getting you the capital to continue following your passion. Today, most of the recently graduated students, in order to first identify their passion and then finding a way to pursue it, lose their objective in life and get lost in some other world. If getting your dream job involves following your passion, go ahead and win the world. If not, things are bound to get messed up and take from you the real work satisfaction. So instead of limiting your proposition, believe in exploring yourself and giving your best.

  1. Focus only on networking

Another advice, you shouldn’t even think of following blindly. Yes, networking is important for any job seeker, be it a recent grad or someone experienced. But putting all your effort in networking is not going to work. Try working on other platforms so as to build your professional credibility rather than just networking, especially if you have recently graduated.

  1. Resume is the only way

As much important it is to make your resume speak for you in your absence, make sure there is no overdoing on your resume. Interviewers are smart. They know when you’re being genuine and when are you pretending. So, be sure to include only those things in your resume, which you have true knowledge and experience of.  There is a thin line between being genuine and bragging about things in a resume.

  1. Sending thank you note post interview

Sending a personalized thank you note is a good idea, but only when you’re thanking your aunt or friend for the gift she sent over for your birthday. Speaking of recruiters, if you thought that sending gratitude notes would earn you brownie points from them, you were delusioned. Remember that interviewing you was only a part of their job and you weren’t offered the job because they loved bonding with you personally.

So the next time someone gives you a free career advice, think before you follow or implement it in your life. It could prove a boon or bane for your professional life.


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