10 Reasons Why Your Biceps Are Not Growing

There is a pretty famous saying in the gym bro level that education is important but the growing biceps are the way of life. Your bicep size matters not only for the visual appeal but also for the confidence-boost. The idealized physique takes years of hard work, dedication and proper diet and many of us are killing ourselves in pursuit of it, no matter with wrong attempts. Biceps are they key part of your body growing which is really taxing. May be you have been doing things wrong so far. Here are some reasons why your efforts are going in vain:

There is no consistency in your training:

Overtraining doesn’t give you a quick result. Your biceps need to rest for a day or two in a week. There are guys who train their biceps at least thrice or four times a week. You however, always have to remember that biceps have a small muscle group which recovers quicker than other muscles and they are active during the pulling exercises too. So, you need to focus on your biceps maximum twice a week.

Use the right variations and forms:

No matter if you are doing seated or standing bicep curls, it bears the same effects in your body. Also, switching barbells to dumbbells also don’t make significant difference. So, in order to attain the overall muscle growth, you need to concentrate on training them at various lengths. Variations should be different to train your arms better.

Don’t skip compound movements:

Since testosterone plays a pivotal role boosting strength and muscle growth, you should go for heavy compound lifts that help generate testosterone in your body. If you train your biceps with a heavy compound lift, it helps you achieve a better bicep hypertrophy.

Not getting sufficient sleep:

If you are not getting sufficient sleep, it hinders your muscle growth. Sleeping any less than 8 hours boosts cortisol in your body which is detrimental to the testosterone production, muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery as a whole. So, you are ought to catch at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Switching from point A to B:

To build your guns iron-like, you need to move the weight from A point to B, not the lower back or anterior delts. Only using momentum and swaying the weight out of bottom position lowers the chances of powerful contraction that ignites the muscle growth.

Keep the wrists in line:

Try to keep the wrists in line with the forearms throughout the entire set and don’t curl the wrists backwards while initiating the movement with forearm flexors.

Keep your muscles under tension for a longer period:

You need to keep your muscles under tension for a longer period of time and determine the number of plates accordingly. Go easy with the plates because more weight exhausts you soon and make sure each rep endures more than 2 seconds.

Acquire full range of motion:

We recommend you to start every repetition with biceps fully lengthened to exhaust the more out of the training. It also induces growth as the muscles are under tension for longer.

Induce hypertrophy:

Inducing hypertrophy is equally essential like getting a good stretch. Also, a strong peak contraction at the top of any sort of curl is also important. Squeezing the biceps to utmost level generates better blood flow, shoots off more fibres and increases lactic acid burn thereby promoting the muscle growth.

Change strategy:

Don’t train with same grips, angles and planes over and over. Instead experiment with closer grip, medium or wide grip in a bar. You can also curl by leaning forward instead of just standing or sitting, pull from a lower or upper pully. These strategical changes are likely to bring you quicker benefit.

These are the small changes in your exercise regimen that will give you stronger biceps in no time.

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