5 Kickass Ways To Unfriend-Zone Yourself

We have all been ‘˜friend-zoned’ at least once in our lives. It’s one of the most dreaded things of college life when the local cutie thinks of you as his/her ‘˜friend’ than potential partner.

We have all been ‘friend-zoned’ at least once in our lives. It’s one of the most dreaded things of college life when the local cutie thinks of you as his/her ‘friend’ than potential partner. You do everything that a normal couple would, without the possibility of a future together. Because, erm, you love her/him, while he/she thinks of you as a close buddy. Ouch.

Some of us have been in the zone for so long that we can write research papers on it and bag a gold medal. But fret now, if you want to get out of the friend-zone and move onto better things in life, we help you with five kickass ways. Read on:

Stop the ‘yes’ anthem:
So she needs over the weekend to move her stuff, he has just been stood up and wants you to tag along to that sci-fi flick you hate, she calls you drunk only to ask you to pick her up from a club that’s a good two hours away from your home. Uff. You might feel that the more ‘yes’ anthem you sing, the better chances of him/her falling in love with you. But clearly, that’s not working. Is it? Whatever you’re doing is pushing you more into the zone than rescuing you from it. So, stop saying ‘yes’ to everything. No, you’re not free over the weekend. No, you won’t watch any movie that you don’t like. Nope, you can’t drive at two in the morning. You’re not playing hard to get, you’re simply drawing the line.

No more touchy-feely:
Some people are the affectionate kind who love hugging, touching and high-fiving their friends. Without an iota of romantic inkling. It’s basic ‘we are great chums’ gesture, that’s all. But if you’ve read too much into it and are now splitting hairs because you don’t know how to make them fall for you. Stop being ‘touchy-feely’ with them. If he/she tries to hug, touch or do anything that screams of physical contact, withdraw. Maintain a safe distance and let them know that you’re not comfortable with their behaviour. If they’re smart enough, they will get the hint. If not, god bless you!

Don’t be their agony aunt:
If he/she comes to you with their break-up stories, don’t get too excited and start giving relationship tips. They will see you as the ultimate go-to guy who can solve all their issues, but not THE guy they can spend the rest of their lives with. Anybody who has been FZoned will tell you that the more agony aunt-esque you be, the more chances of you remaining in the zone.

Get a life:
Yes, there…we said it. All you need to do is get a goddamn life that doesn’t revolve around your crush. Go back-packing on your own, hit the pubs with your other buddies, be socially active, go out on casual dates, watch movies and so on. Your life is far more interesting and meaningful than you think. Stop being desperate and hit the social circuit like there’s no tomorrow. Your crush will definitely love this change and wonder what other changes you’re capable of.

Lose touch:
No, no, don’t give us a dirty look yet. This tried and tested formula of rekindling affection works. All. The. Time. Go incommunicado for a while and see if he/she really misses hanging out with you. Your absence will give him/her decide if you mean more than just a buddy. And if he/she never tries to get in touch with you, you move on. For good.

The best way to Unfriend-Zone yourself is to confess your feelings. You might lose their friendship, but it’s at least better than watching him/her date a bunch of losers while you’re standing in a corner like a bystander.

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