Do Not Mess With Virat Kohli – RCB Insider’s Intruder Learns It The Hard Way

virat-kohli kicks out RCB intruder

Virat Kohli is not someone you want to mess with. Seriously!

This intruder finds it the hard way. RCB Insider’s Danish Sait dons the role of the intruder in this hilarious video where he approaches Royal Challengers Bangalore captain, who is clearly surprised at having an uninvited visitor in the middle of a shoot.

Sait walks in as Mr. Nags (leaving everyone wondering who the intruder might be), as he looks for the director. Eventually, he walks into Kohli and introduces him as a member of the shoot and asks for the script.

Kohli, clearly not amused, hands him the script and displays angry looks on more than one occasion. The director clearly understands this as being a waste of players’ time and asks the intruder to leave “promising” him a major part in a movie, but not in this ad.

Outside, he runs into Chris Gayle and Dinesh Karthik (who are minding their own business) and engages in a conversation with them. Virat finds him and asks if the players were getting disturbed. Knowing that he is an intruder, Gayle, Karthik and Kohli personally throw him out of the location.

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