Learn How Are Changing Economies Encouraging Entrepreneurship With Limited Resources, For Free

Changing Economies Encourage Entrepreneurship – Free online course by Case Western Reserve University in association with Coursera, encourage entrepreneurship even when the resources are limited.

That entrepreneurship is one of the most sought career options today, is no news.

Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies is an online course by Case Western Reserve University in association with Coursera, to help you explore how communities in countries where economies keep changing with every passing day, encourage growth of entrepreneurship even when the resources are limited.

Though the entrepreneur industry has seen a sudden boom recently, but the fact remains that not all the markets are Silicon Valley and will never be. The course gives you an insight into how in transitioning markets, where entrepreneurs do not have access to private funding, government officials, donors and businessmen are coming up with creative approaches to support the growth of the entrepreneurial industry.

The course involves video lectures and digging into real life entrepreneurial lessons from different communities around the world, like Greece, Vietnam, Tunisia, Argentina, Rwanda, and China.

Apart from that, it also enlightens you about how they are working and their way of approaching implementing strategies and methods to support businesses.


There is no specific background required to pursue this course. The course is designed for anyone interested and inquisitive about how communities around the world, are creatively supporting the growth of entrepreneurship when the sources are limited.

Once you successfully finish the course, you will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor of the course. The best morale you get to learn from the course is that, how entrepreneurs, irrespective of the conditions succeed in their plans and that optimism leads to sound planning and strategizing, which in spite of all odds helps you succeed.

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