Confessions Of Couples Who Got Engaged Forever But Not Married… Ouch It Hurts!

Confessions of couples

Confessions of couples – I see a lot of men sitting on their knees proposing the women that they love.

If the answer is ‘yes’ from the women – then it’s about getting engaged, married and living happily ever after. But, now-a-days I’ve also gone through many couples getting engaged, but no marriage at all. I wonder if this is some new trend that is running. Well, not really but!

Here, are some confessions of some couples that are engaged but no marriage up in their minds anytime sooner. Check these Confessions of couples.

Confessions of couples –

  1. Five years of getting engaged and I don’t have any plans of a serious commitment like getting married with her!

Then what was the engagement all about!? Was it just an idea of whiling away the time with a person simply!

  1. It’s been seven year that we got engaged and still counting of course. But I don’t see any magic between us that makes me plan for wedding plans with him.

Hmm, the same old excuse that people find again and again! Not always at lease, dude!

  1. I am no longer interested in her; rather find her friend more interesting than my fiancé. Or probably my excuse to avoid serious commitment with her.

You seem to be a confused soul buddy!

  1. Three years of being engaged but now I have another man in my life. IDK what to do!

Great that you are at least found someone that you are gonna stick up with for this life, at last.

  1. I was serious about marrying him until he started to treat me like a pile of shit.

You treat him like a pile of scarp, honey. Hmm, not a child play of course. 

  1. Two year into this engagement and I feel I deserve much better.

You probably might deserve the best sweetie. But think before you take a leap! 

  1. We got into this engagement nearly four year and I’m really not serious about taking it to the next level!

If not the next level then what is it?! Some kind of break up! 

  1. Happily engaged for about a year, but I hate it when i find some other person interesting and feel like cheating my fiancé! I Am hating this.

O no! Not for this life at least: 

  1. I never thought she would accept my proposal, but she did. Now how do I tell her am not really interested in her!?

You seem to be in soup all by yourself then! Help yourself, dude! 

  1. Me and boyfriend got engaged for about two years. Our marriage date is in the next week, but I somehow feel he is cheating on me! What should I do now, God!

You can clear it up by talking with him, I guess!!

These are some painful Confessions of couples that some couples made about their no serious plans of getting wed. Each having their own reasons, but finally doesn’t want to land  into marriage! Hmm!! No offence.

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