5 Ways To Start A Promising Business With No Money At All!


“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art” –  said Andy Warhol

Well, there are many dreams out there to own a good business, to be an entrepreneur and make loads of money which can fulfill life’s desires.

We know that starting a business is an aspiration for many young and not-so-young-too. However, only a few are able to follow through their impulses and start a business, because many a times, not having enough money to do so, becomes the obstacle.

I say, money shouldn’t be a problem at all, to kick start a venture! Ask me how?

Well, first and foremost with the advent and development of Internet commerce, birthing a business can now be done with little or may be no money at all too, provided you are venturing into something which has all the potential to earn its own capital in the later stages.

I am going to share a few prospective pointers with you, if you are a business aspirant but are holding on to your ideas in lack of investment . And trust me, all of this is coming through firsthand experience, for I am an entrepreneur myself and have been there done that.

Here are 5 magical ways to start a promising business with no money at all:

  1. Weigh Yourself On The Personal Key Assets

To be an entrepreneur, you have to dig in the familiar grounds. Exploring unknown territories would be a futile thought. Evaluate yourself on the skills, equipment and assets you already have that you can use to start a business. For example, when I knew I have a computer, an internet connection and writing skills, then I knew I could start up a freelance writing business with little or no money at all. Similarly if you are the one with cooking or decoration skills, you can start right away with spreading the business takeaways throw word of mouth, in the closest of your target audience. Identifying is the key skill here. Identifying self owned skills, and your selling domain.

  1. Have An Effective Business Plan In Place

Create a business plan to help you organize your business and create goals for its future. You can download a business plan template free online. Use this as a guide to help you create your business plan. This should be the first course of action because it will lay down a clear graph for you, in terms of the execution, growth and results of the business. Take out time to talk to people in the similar businesses and identify their high and low points. This will help you to equip yourself with highs, and to avoid the lows, much before you start on your own.

  1. Determine The Kind of Businesses That Are Feasible With Your Kind of Skills

You will have to explore on what type of business you want to start, and whether it is feasible with your hands-on skills or not. Take into consideration your interests, your prominent skills, which should also involve selling your skills and ideas too, the amount of time you wish to spend on the business if you are already employed. For instance, if you are web developer, you might want to get started with your own part-time website designing business, which initially wouldn’t involve any money at all, if you can solely design and develop a website on your own, or by involving a friend in that. All you would need is to sell your skills effectively to the one who is in need at that point of time. Nail the opportunity at the right time. If you are an interior decorator, you might want to go into a partnership venture with someone who can invest a bit in building your business identification and marketing it.

  1. Research On Your Business Options

Look around and research on the presentation of your business idea. If you are interested in an office-free, online businesses then you may want to explore art and literature businesses, freelance writing businesses and freelance data entry businesses. Platforms like LinkedIn, SkillPages and many  more are perfect to start advertising your business and get hold of prospective clientele. If you already have your own office equipment, and experience of structural jobs such as travel agency, wedding planning, or office maintenance outsourcing, you can start up with that too. Without investing any major sum in the beginning.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Prospects

If you are looking to offer your skills to a companies, scan through the classified ads for companies that are offering telecommuting positions or work from home opportunities. Read through online job listings for telecommuting positions or consulting positions. Sites like “Craigslist” and “Monster” are both great places to find job opportunities. This is also a great way to make business contacts and to get your home business off the ground. Also, having a good network of professional friends can help you a great deal in this. You may have a ready clientele with you, if you have been investing your time in sound networking. Networking doesn’t really require any big money, we all know that.

Well, I am sincerely hoping that there were some takeaways for you, from this article. If you are the one who has entrepreneurial aspirations and the zeal to follow, I say, do not let them go waste.

Start right away and build a league of your own.

Yes, you can!

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