Dear Indian Media, There Is More To India Than Modi And Maa


Do you remember those Doordarshan days when the news program took just an hour of our day?

I assume that those were the news that inspired to become a Journalist – Pure News and Ethical Journalism.

Whatever happened to that bout of inspiration that made you enter journalism, let me make one thing very clear today – India is more than Modi and Maa, if you know what I mean.

When 24/7 news channels were launched, the news lovers were damn happy as they would now not have to wait for the clock to strike 7 in the evening to get the news of the day, or they were happy about not having to read the newspaper with their breakfast to stay updated. Anytime, they switch on the news, they know what is happening in their country, and around the world. You have disappointed people who had high hopes from you.

All you are obsessed with today is Congress Con, Modi Government, Sunny Leone, Rakhi Sawant, Kids fallen in the borewell and now the latest – Maa.

What surprises me the most is being a journalist, you must have known each and every inside scoop since the very beginning, then why didn’t these become breaking news long back? Why did only during elections, did you realize how great has Modi Sarkar been in Gujarat?

How come you started running FILMY stories related to Sanjay Dutt when the verdict was supposed to be out?

Did you have no idea what kind of business these Godmen and Godwomen were running all through these years? And if you seriously didn’t, then it is time you quit journalism. And if you feel you were following up with better news and have better things to do then support criminals through your news stories, give me the news guys, give me the relevant news.

Your stories these days force me to think if Indian Media is paid. Because I cannot keep myself away from wondering what happens to those sensational stories that all of a sudden stop getting any footage. Remember, Hema Malini and the victims? It was bringing my faith back into journalism seeing you run a story that was not in favour of a parliament member.

Trying to get the latest update on the news, I realized that you no more feel the need to tell us if those victims were provided the treatment or thrown out of the hospital. There are many, many stories that do not see the daylight as you are busy giving footage to movie promotions, celebrity scoops or your ever changing views on the government – Paid, is it?

Must be, as I do not think you promote movies and run after celebs as their PR calls you for the goodness of Nation.

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