Aarushi-Hemraj murder verdict: This is not the end

Talwar’s will appeal against the verdict which means many more years till justice. Even if justice is delivered to them, their world will never be the same.

There is a serious outrage in the public and media after the verdict for the famous, much controversial, Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case came out. The world it seems is divided in two factions – one which favours the judgment holding CBI findings right and another which calls it a failure to nab the actual culprits. The loopholes in the stories of both sides leave you confused.

The verdict was handed down by the special CBI court judge Shyam Lal after five and a half years. The case never ceased to grab headlines during this long period.

The world may have ended for the Talwars the day their daughter died, either way. But they are never going to find solace for sure.

Talwars will contest the verdict again in a higher court, which is Allahabad High Court as per the announcement made by the couple’s lawyer. Given the track record of the couple of receiving judgment against their favor, if they are defeated in high court, they will move to the Supreme Court. This process will take at least 10 years.

The other possibility is that Talwar couple wins the case in high court and the case is re-opened. Also, we cannot deny re-opening of the case if some interesting fact is found. In both cases, new faces as accused will come forward and the case will start afresh. This too may take more or less ten years.

Given the pace of the judicial system in India, it may even take more than that. Till then, guilty or not, the Talwar’s will continue to face this world.

Even if the justice is delivered after this, it will be hard to understand the emotions that go behind this case. If Talwar’s are held guilty, the already dead world will become more lifeless for them in jail. And if Talwars are held not guilty at the end of the course, a lifeless and meaningless world will await them again because it will be devoid of their daughter and full of worst experiences by them.

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