6 Ways In Which You Can Handle Bullies In College

bullies in college

Bullies in college – Although ragging is a legal offence, it is something that most of the students are subjected to when they join a college.

Even if you are someone who has not gone through the experience of being ragged, you must have faced some students, be it your fellow classmates or seniors, who tried to bully you. Most of the young students, before getting in to a college, feel nervous or scared about the prospect of getting bullied.

Here are 6 ways in which you can handle bullies in college.

How to handle bullies in college?

1 – Do not be submissive

If you are a submissive, being bullied is inevitable. Bullies pick on students they think they can dominate. If you come across as a submissive person, you will be one of the first ones to be bullied in college. You might have been a submissive person all your life but now, you must certain measures to bring about a change in yourself. You must project yourself as a strong person; someone who cannot be bullied. Even if you feel scared from the inside, tryyourbest to conceal it.

2 – Avoid them

Bullies target those who react to things easily. If somebody tries to irritate you or picks up a fight with you for no reason, do not retaliate. Instead, move away from them. Do not react to their actions. You must try your best to avoid them and wriggle your way out of such situations. If you ignore them and do not react to them, they will stop harassing you after a point.

3 – Be friendly

You must make it a point to socialise with your peers in your new college. Try to get along with everyone, including your seniors. You must try to make friends from the first day of college itself. Introduce yourself and make an effort to know them as well. Once you build a friendly rapport with everyone, nobody will bully you. Yes, there will be a few who will still try to do so but by then you will have enough friends to stand by you.

4 – Face them fearlessly

If you get easily intimidated by bullies they will trouble you even more.  The best way to face fear is to be fearless. If you make it clear to the bullies that you are a fearless person and will not succumb to their intimidating gestures, they will  lose the will to bully you as they will realise it is not working on you.

 5 – Complain to the authorities

Most of the students do not complain about these things to the authorities as they fear the ones who bullied will keep a grudge against them and trouble them even more in the near future. You should not be scared of reporting such incidents to the teachers or authorities just because you anticipate something worse to happen in the future. There is a high chance that after being reprimanded by theauthorities they will not engage in such activities again.

6 – Talk to them

There might be a few students who might have an issue with you and hence, are trying to bully you. The best way tosolve a problem or resolve a fight is engage in a conversation. Talk to them and try to understand why they are troubling you or what is making them behave the way they are behaving. Tell them all of you need to co-exist in a college together and such kind of behaviour will only lead to animosity.

These are the ways you can handle bullies in college – One has heard about students getting into depression, leaving college and taking several other extreme steps as a result of being bullied. Bullying somebody is a terrible thing but you must understand a lot of people go through this and there are different ways in which you can deal with tis. Your college days are the best days of your life. Do not let afew stray incident ruin the experience of an otherwise happy phase.

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