The Real Truth About Bullying! What Adults Are Not Revealing To Teens!


While we grow up and spend a considerable time of our life in schools and colleges, we get bullied or we bully others. Sometimes with intention, sometimes without!

But yes, we all do get familiar with the term BULLYING and experience it too!

And sometimes we learn from our adults’ experiences.

But do you know that one of the saddest truth about bullying is the fact that adults rarely tell their children. The fact about other kids’ bad behaviour. The fact that they trap the weaker ones. Weaker kids are easier targets of bullying.

It’s not that the adults are hiding the facts, but rather that they just aren’t thinking about bullying with their eyes fully open. Or they are unable to put across the clear picture.

The truth is bullying happens when one (especially the victims) feels trapped.

The idea of bullying as a consequence of feeling trapped is important to know and understand. The reason why it’s important is because if you believe that you’re trapped, you will suffer silently.

On the other hand, a teen who feels that situation is abnormal and not okay, if they feel the situation could be fixed, that teen will tend to speak up about it and persistently demand change and a resolution to it. So which one are you?

Are you the one demanding the change or suffering silently?

Well, we have a right to demand change about everything that does not go well with us. Colleges are institutions  and most of us have no choice but to attend one, either public or private. Bullying is a part of college life, an inevitable one.

If you’re a bullied kid, and you believe that you can control bullying either by going to a different college or by recruiting adults to help you get things under control, then chances are, you’ll overcome the situation without getting ruined in it. Bullying can make you feel out of control, as though you’re just being kicked around, but communication with your adults can put a victim like you into the driver’s seat.

  • Tell your parents.
  • If they don’t listen, tell your teacher.
  • If your teacher doesn’t listen, tell your principal or superintendent.
  • If these people fail you, put it in the media. Make use of Social Media.
  • Make people listen. Make them care.


Many of the adults have the same problems that you do. They’ve been pushed around for too long and they’ve become passive (they learned this behaviour in schools and colleges, after all). Communicate by talking about what’s going on. Ask that changes be made to your situation. Consider going to a different school or college if that’s an option for you.

Bullying is not a problem that’s just going to disappear. There will always be someone who’s trying to be King of the Mountain. But there are non-violent ways to deal with bullying and outsmart bullies. For example, if there’s a mate who regularly rags you up in college or bullies you, try leaving with a group through a different door. Try forming a group of stronger friends and be seen with them always.

It isn’t cowardly to come up with a strategy that avoids a fight that’s planned solely to intimidate you. It’s smart. Besides persistent communication with adults, being smart is one of the best ways to avoid a bully.

Therefore, understand your bully situation and act accordinglt.

Do not suffer silently.

Do not feel trapped!

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