Depression Has No Face And These People Are Sharing Their Pics To Prove It!

Depression Has No Face

Depression Has No Face – All around the world, many people die due to depression. We end up saying “Oh, he never looked like a depressed person.” Frankly, “what does a depressed person looks like?” What is the FACE that says “Yes, I’m depressed.”

Hard to answer, right? To be honest, Depression has no FACE, at all.

Just because a person is smiling, doesn’t mean that he is OK. A depressed person FAKES that their life is as happy as others. We humans hide a lot. You know, it is very important to open up and share our feelings. Trust me; the more we hide our scars, they more it kills us inside. So, anyone out there who needs help should open up themselves.

Talk about it and help YOURSELF.

There are many who are depressed in this world. They don’t share their situation and thus later ends up suiciding.

That’s the truth, right? Firstly, I would say that we humans should share and tell our stories so that we can save our LIFE. On the other end, we can always try to understand others and listen, most importantly listen to others.

Remember, depression has no FACE. To prove this point, many people are coming forward and sharing their pics to prove it. In the end, when someone says “I’m depressed”, you will not end up saying “Oh, you don’t look like one.”

Depression doesn’t have a look and a happy FACE doesn’t always mean that the person is really happy.



Yes, you should always BE KIND.


To all my friends out there, depression, i know is nothing less than an illness. But please, do not give up and try to prevent it by talking with others. Most importantly, you gotta be strong. BE STRONG AND FIGHT IT. I know that you will.

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