These Things Should Be Banned For A Girl’s Better Future And Better Life!


Our country is slowly becoming the country of the bans! Ban this, ban that, ban the bloody breathing of all humans! But, oh wait, that would amount to murder, right? I’m sure the government is not going to commit mass murder, not yet at least!

So, why not suggest them to ban something sensible that actually helps our country as well, instead of benefitting their own vested interests?

Yes, I’m talking about banning certain things that help the girls, the so called devi-being-treated-as-doormats, of our nation, so they live a dignified life and the socio-global status of the country becomes a little better?

Let me share with you my suggestions- the things should be banned:

1) The Action of Not Letting Her Take Birth Should Be Banned!

Yes, there are laws and rules to prevent foeticide, but is it implemented? NO!! Why not actually putting a ban on killing the girl child, whether in womb or immediately after birth in the lame  desire of a boy child and ensuring the ban is implemented in letter and spirit?


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