Your College Life Is A Waste If You Didn’t Try These Things!

Things to do in college

Things to do in college – The transition from a school going to a college going person is by leaps and bounds.

While in school you abide by all the rules, the college becomes the arena of rule breakers. You enjoy being a free bird. Spending more time in canteens and the galleries of the college rather in classrooms was not a new story at all.

Those sleepless nights right before the exams just to ask what exactly the course is, was something hilarious.

College life was all about being footloose, carefree and fun with people.

This is the time when you live life at your edges! There are few Things to do in college –

Things to do in college –

The Proxy Setting

College is all about bunking classes and enjoying the perks of having proxy settings.  We owe to those friends who gave our proxy attendance to save us from the wrath of our professors. While at the same time our professors had a hard time through these proxy settings of the students. I know these proxy settings have made you go for so many dates with your boyfriends!


Bump into the middle of the lecture

When plans don’t work out we end up bumping right into the middle of the lecture to do nothing but to shout the hell out of the professor. And then you just disturb the whole classroom for some time by answering the not-so-answerable questions to the professor, adjusting and what not!


The sleeping beauty

This was the one thing I did the most in my college days. The irony was even after sleeping, the time didn’t pass as quick as it used to when we sleep at night. This is another thing to irritate the professors. And when you wake up you are in the mode of – Where am I? Is this earth? Are you a professor?


Chalks, paper balls and what not

There were times when the whole class room turned into a battlefield. Well, unlike the usual battle field, this used to have chalks and paper balls which was super fun. And what about that chalk hitting right on the head of the professor? Umm.. Ok! Next topic please!


Our phones replacing the blackboard

This is one thing that used to be most annoying for the professors. Obviously hiding your phones did not help because they knew that you cannot smile this much by just looking at your best parts! So yes, clicking, texting and even talking on phone during the lectures was one thing that we all did!


Getting caught while trying to sneak out in the middle of the class

Answering the attendance call and sneaking out of the class from the back door was the most common thing people used to do. Poor professor just kept wondering about the class strength that made him freak out. And what worse can happen when you get caught during this activity?


Things to do in college – So these are some of the anecdotes, about which when you reminisce, it surely makes you burst out of laughter and makes you miss those evergreen days all over again! 

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