Stupid Things Parents Say to Children That They Should Not

Stupid Things Parents Say to Children That They Should Not

Stupid things parents say to children – Parenthood is awesome, without a doubt. However, it comes with its fair share of lessons.

You need to realise that this experience is similar to that involving a toothpaste tube. Just like you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube after squeezing it out, the words that come out of your mouth cannot be changed.

Nevertheless, some parents, you know being elders, do not care for the same and blurt out stuff that affects their children in the near and distant future.

One of the situations that use a parenting lecture includes when the male child walks in crying.

Stupid things parents say to children –

Be it for whatever reason, the parent might end up using something like “be a man!” or “stop acting like a girl”. It’s not only enough to ruin the boy’s day, but the next decade of his life.


You can’t do that” is another phrase that a parent should refrain from using. Often times, it is generalised for females, which can be heart-breaking for them. You do not want your child engaging in an activity thereon, which may prove fatal.


I hope your kid does to you what you have done to me.” Already sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Although parents might think of it as a way to send across a message of ‘karma’, it is never a good idea.



You are just like your mother/father” or “your mom/dad is an idiot” are phrases you use when you are mad at your spouse and express that rage towards your offspring. This can lead to your child developing a sense of animosity towards you for speaking ill about their other parent.


Your brother/sister is smarter than you”. Never EVER should a parent compare their one child with their sibling. This is also applicable when it comes to comparing a child with their friends. This can knock their morale drastically.


To “shut up” is something that even adults don’t like being told. This is blatant ignorance from the parents’ side, as children might end up using the phrase on others….sometimes, just for fun.


Do you want a spanking?” is the question that makes parents look stupid. Come on, no kid wants smanking. If children understood the meaning of a rhetorical question, they would laugh out loud.


Because I said so”. Here’s another crappy talk that parents often throw at their children to show who the boss is. Although parents manage to silence their child after using this phrase, they often eliminate the part wherein they justify their anger.


Just do it. Don’t be scared”. Firstly, using this phrase on kids does not change the fact that they are scared. Parents need to show children the way as to how the task at hand can be made easier.


These are just some of the many Stupid things parents say to children, but should not.

Constructive criticism is another aspect that might be wrong, if the child is too young to understand it. Truth backed by honest justification is what we recommend.

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