What is Tabata Workout and How It Works

Tabata Workout

Tabata workout is one of the highly sought after high intensity workout of this age that many fitness trainers swear by.

People who are looking to lose weight real fast, can resot to Tabata workout for it has infallible capacities of burning your lose fat so that you gear up well for high intensity strength training. This is also a current favorite of many celebrities around the globe.

What is Tabata workout?

It was first found by Izumi Tabata, Ph.D at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. The key feature of Tabata is the time interval which alternates between 20 seconds interval wherein you put your maximum efforts and 10 second stages of rest. In this manner, Tabata is repeated 8 times for the extreme exhausting workout. Tabata workout came as a blessing when people were searching for effective workouts, high-intensity interval training and Tabata seems to fit the bill.

When you are performing the Tabata workout, you are rolling in the effects of high intensity strength and aerobic exercises. Halfway through the workout itself, the intensity level is optimized and greater range of muscle groups are affected which is double the effect of cardio. The effects are assured and painstalkingly hard. In fact, you will be surprised to know that 20 minutes of Tabata training beats one hour running at the treadmill.

How it feels after you perform Tabata workout?

You are likely to feel nauseated and start seeing stars, that is the only way you know that you are doing it correctly and it is likely to yield strong results in short time. Tabata workout is the go-to for athletes and those who are looking to have a career in fitness, glamour or fashion industry. In just the matter of 4 minutes, Tabata workout can increase your metabolic rate up to VO2.

Some examples of Tabata workout:

High knees: You have to get your knees as high as you can and set a timer to four minutes. Start with your right knee up then get your left knee up.

Speed skaters: This workout is like a dance movement which burns your calories and fat like magic. Below is a video of speed skaters.

Plank: Plank is a very effective workout for arms and whole abdomen muscles. Plank is a common exercise which provides maximum stretch.

Mountain climbers: Mountain climbers too is a whole body workout and in Tabata it becomes really tough to reach the level because the time period is short. Of course, that burns your most calories.

Burpees: Burpees are really fun to do and everybody loves it because it is the simple method to burn all the muscles of your body in just one workout.

Some points to remember:

  • Tabata workout is high intensity so warming up is a must
  • You have to stick to the 20/10 seconds timing, no excuses. If you face injury in one exercise, alternate it with another.
  • There has to be 20 seconds duration. No cheating!
  • Those with cardiovascular problems should not try this
  • This is not for beginners
  • Repeat it 2-4 times a week depending on your fitness level

Tabata workout is brewing storm in tea-cup now so why not you try it too?

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