College Life : I Wish This Had Continued For A Lifetime

College Life

For all those lucky chaps who are still enjoying the goodness of college life and those, who are nostalgic about college life, few years after graduating- like myself.

Remember when your lectures used to start during the second half of the day? It would be around four in the afternoon, and attending the last lecture of the day, the only thought ton everyone’s mind would be food, food and only food. The source? Either the college canteen or a small shop at the nukkad that serves lip smacking samosa and vada pao. I still remember the time when I used to fantasise about hot, crispy samosa during my lectures.


Start of September, drizzles outside, water droplets on the window pane. Calculator in one hand and pen in the other, I was drowsily staring at the board. The professor went on to make us solve problems, which more than half of us had no clue about. And all I can think of is whether Bhaiyaji had started frying the samosas.

Whoosh and bang! There is a samosa right in front of you. Now how did that happen! Thanks to the guy who was so concerned about the people around him that he stashed some samosas in his bag for us.

I know many of you would be smiling while reading this, but try having a samosa or vada pao during an ongoing class. ‘Course you’ve done it all. But for those, who haven’t tried it, let me tell you that your food will taste much more savouring when you have it in the class. (winks and smiles)

Now, did you not just love the moment when another faculty walked in and your lecturer takes a break for a minute or two. Doesn’t matter how drowsy were you feeling just a moment back. You seize the opportunity and the food gets circulated in the other two benches. And you are no longer sleepy. Your ebergy levels have boosted up and you’e ready to take the professor down all by yourself. (laughs)

These are one of the fond memories of college life, the prerequisites to stay awake and solve problems in lectures. The lectures, the samosas and the samosa in the lecture- I wish this had continued for a lifetime.

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