6 Options To Try Out While Pursuing A Career In Pharmacy

Career In Pharmacy

Career In Pharmacy – Until recently, a career in pharmacy was not held in high esteem by those who wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Being considered as the last resort in a medical career at some point in time, pharmacy seems to have gained the attention of those who are a cause of its prosperity.

As much as I hate to say that India is listed as one of the countries with a high percentage of diseased population, the situation has brought the opportunity for the industry to grow at such a rate.  As pharmacy is a health profession that links health sciences and chemical sciences to ensure safe and effective use of drugs, it offers a plethora of options to pursue, once you’re done with your graduation. We take a look at few jobs you could take up after graduating in pharmaceutical sciences. Read on!

Career In Pharmacy –

1. Pharmacist

A pharmacy graduate can work as a pharmacist in a hospital or open up an independent pharmaceutical business. Because this is a health related field, a B Pharma graduate can also join the armed forces as a pharmacist or any other government organization, NGO, Trust etc.

2. Medical transcriptionist

The profile of a medical transcriptionist involves working with the doctors or medical practitioners to maintain the patient treatment history like, which drug is the patient allergic to or  if some drug affects the patient better than the other, etc.

3. Sales and Marketing

There is hug scope for marketing in the pharmacy industry. Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture tools and machines for research hire graduates for their marketing and sales as MR i.e. Marketing Representative, project managers etc. They prefer pharmacy graduates for this job as they possess good knowledge about the drugs, their therapeutic effects, working mechanism, drug interactions etc. Ambitious achievers can grow in this field up to the level of MD. Pharmaceutical MBA is considered a boon in this field.

4. Quality Control

Some government jobs like government analysis is associated with quality control. The candidate is expected to work in developing, applying, revising and maintaining quality standards for processing materials into partially finished or finished products. The profile also involves looking into any updates in the regulatory norms and accordingly develop the drug in the pharmaceutical company.

5. Lectureship

If you’re a first class pass M. Pharma graduate, you’re eligible to teach as a lecturer in a college or institution that provides B.Pharma degree. A government collge is the best option if you’re thinking of taking up lectureship in this field.

6. Research & Development

R&D jobs include developing new formula or changing the existing formula to get a better product. Freshers are the first priority for a generic drug company, in India. Skills in internet surfing and patenting could prove a boon for this profile.

A career in pharmacy has great prospects as the demand for graduates in this industry is increasing day by day. Students can work in companies or even start their own business.

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