How Life Changed From 9 To 10!

How life changed after Bigg Boss 8

It is so easy for us mere mortals to form habits!

Especially when it is about a TV show that keeps you on the edge of your seats, gives total entertainment (don’t bother about the intellectual quotient as long as it is entertainment) and makes you wait the whole day just to watch it for only one hour.

Yes, you guessed it right!

We are talking about the longest game show of the year, Bigg Boss 8 which is reaching its culmination point today evening. The winner will be announced and after that, there will be a long silence! May be darkness will embrace so many of us who won’t have a freaking idea of what to do during that auspicious hour we use to spend glued to our sofa sets watching and enjoying the reality show. Life will surely come to a standstill!

You think we are exaggerating? Well, ask those children who have had to wait for their dinner after 10pm! Ask those office employees who, if got late in the office, spent an extra hour just to watch it in their recreational rooms so as not to miss even a single minute of the show! Ask that girlfriend whose phone call was disconnected by her boyfriend just because he didn’t want an interruption while watching the show, even as the poor guy tried all day and night to do some coochie-coo with his girl! What to do, she called at the wrong hour!

These are not isolated incidents, but are very common amongst people who really love the reality shows on Indian TV. We are concerned if depression will set in, people will queue up to see psychiatrists, sleep-walk will become a common phenomenon with people grabbing their remotes and watching TV in the middle of the night with the hope that one, may be just one more episode, of Bigg Boss will come on air. Who knows, dreams of Ali might make people laugh in their sleep or Dimpy’s screams might make people wet their beds! Gautam and Karishma can bring smiles to resting souls while Pritam may make people call radio stations in their dreams!

On a serious note, this show has definitely created a space for itself in our homes and hearts and people did plan their schedules as per the show’s timings. Now suddenly, there would be a void difficult to fulfil, even as new show will be launched to replace it.

Let’s see who wins the show as that will give a lot of hope for viewers and fans to patiently wait for the next season. If it is Gautam, it would be a real and fair game. If Karishma wins, people might say results are rigged, but whatever may happen, their journey has made us feel happy and given us total entertainment!

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