Myth Vs Reality: Breaking The Misconceptions About College Life

We familiarize you with few of the college life myths that you might have taken up from seniors. Read on…


After having spent a huge amount of moolah and taking like two dozen entrance tests, you’ve nailed it finally.

You have in your hand, one flat, big acceptance offer that makes you eager to join your prospective college. Surviving the college life, is not as hard as you’ve been made to think about. We familiarize you with few of the college life myths that you might have taken up from seniors. Read on…

1. Career success rate is determined by your performance

This is not even close to true. I had always been told to study hard and get the best on-campus placement. Nevertheless, I turned out to be an above average student. I wasn’t really suprised, but from a personal experience, let me tell you that what you score in exams has nothing to do with the knowledge you possess. That might help you decide your interests and disinterests, but nothing more than that.

2. Hostel food is always horrible

I am not generalizing here, but just making a point. Even when you’re home and have the same food almost everyday, there comes a time when the food just does not go down your epiglottis. Considering the same, how do you expect the mess food to be something-new-on-the-menu type everyday? I was not very fond of the mess food, but at the same time, it never made me say, “I feel like puking, thinking about the mess food”. Change is good. Following a routine is better.

3. Your faculty is an alien

As intimidating as it seems to be, reaching out to your professors, is not that difficult. I am sure, you guys wouldn’t really agree with me and take them to be your worst born enemies until you pass out of college, but trust me, it is not that difficult. A minute of after class chatting or a visit to office hours or even a greeting works good. And as far as, topping the charts on scores, there might be a reason as to why they haven’t awarded you a ten on ten for your paper. Talk and clarify.

4. Just one heartthrob or Miss Prettiest in the neighbourhood

If you’ve made an assumption of college life, based on movies, either from Hollywood or Bollywood, I’d say, you could star in a sequel to SOTY. There is no guy like Hrithik Roshan in K3G or Alia Bhatt in SOTY in college. Yes, there are people who are famous, mostly because of their grades or because they win a contest. But there’s no guy in the campus who can dance like Hrithik, fight like Akshay Kumar, romance like SRK, score like Chatur from 3 Idiots or sing like Arijit Singh- all together.

5. If your roommate is famous, your social life will rock

I have known roomies who’ve forged lifelong and a billion dollar friendship and faked it on the other side. What’s your best bet you ask? Well, I’d suggest you to not raise your expectations about the roommate bonding and always have a backup for fun. However, you shouldn’t really underestimate the bond between the two of you.

College life is fun when once you get used to it. They are after all, the best days of your life. We’ll be glad to know more about your experiences. Share with us in the comments section below.

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