Canteen Diaries: Ah! This Reminds Me Of Those Good Old College Days

Doesn’t it sound a li’l weird that a famous Dosa joint could be the favourite place of all college goers?

It was a lazy day.

We (me and two other colleagues) knew that we had to travel a lot and by a lot I mean changing trains twice, auto rickshaws thrice and then finally reaching the destination.  We reached Nerul station and this friend of mine who traveled on the same route for like three years couldn’t seem to remember which way was the exit.

Nevertheless, I pinged a passerby who apparently was from the same college, which we were supposed to pay a visit to. Ten minutes and we are there- S.I.E.S College, Nerul.

We spent an hour or so within the college premises. Though none of us possessed an appetite as we had samosa pav on our way to the college, my friend suggested that we check out this uber cool hangout place, Dosa Plaza, all the college goers depend for food on.

Over to describing the place, I would say it was like one of those which gives you a sophisticated dhaba kind of feel. Neat, not very spread out and approximately seven tables on the floor. With the menu in hand, what awed me was the 104 varieties of dosa it offered. The dosas unlike other places were not those you have heard of. A fusion of Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese and our own Indian, served with sambhar and coconut chutney. Unable to decide, which of those to have, we asked the waiter to suggest the best and finally called for a Mexican Roast, a Salad Roast and a Schezwan Mushroom Dosa.

By the time our food arrived, we sipped on our fresh fruit juices and took a look at other tables. Yes, I admit that taking a look at my neighboring tables is my favourite time pass until my food is placed in front of me. There was a group of three girls who were hogging onto their special Dosas like anything. Our order arrived and though devoid of appetite, I finished my at one go. The salad roast had a grated vegetable filling tossed in mayonnaise, that could melt in your mouth. Now I know why is this place so famous among the college goers. The usual crowd comprises of college students, which is why the prices aren’t on the higher side, with an, I would say, good quality of food.

Remembering her college days an alumni says, “Dosa Plaza will always remain the most significant place of my college life. This is where I met my husband-to-be. We have fought over Mexican dosas, spilled coke all over the place, done project works and generally wasted time at this place. Happy days…”

The aura reminded me of my college days, when we would bunk and stay back at the food joint rather than attending a lecture.

Ah! Those good old times.

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