Fun@Work – You’d Love To Share This Advice With Your HR

fun at work

Fun at work – Office life does not have to be a boring one.

It is important for you to know that attending office is not just about completing eight hours (…or nine) every day. It can be more than that, but the efforts need to be taken.

One of the reasons why employees at Google, Capgemini or Lowe Lintas are happy is because the owners take it upon themselves to create a productive environment.

In case your office has a dull environment and needs a bit sprucing up, Fun at work, you can recommend the following guidelines to the HR.

Fun at work –

Beautify the Office Surroundings


This tip is not just related to decorating the office walls. All areas that meet the eye of every visitor need to be decorated. Just because the place is an office does not mean it should appear soulless. Instead, adding bright colours to the surroundings can result in maximum productivity.

Joint Lunch/Dinner


Based on the shift timings, your office can host communal lunch wherein every employee and all teams can eat meals together. This not only helps people in getting to know one another, but might even help them discover likeminded individuals to exchange productive ideas.

Timely Snacks


Regardless of whether you are working the regular shift or the night shift, there comes a time when you feel the hungriest. Your office can arrange healthy snacks or stack Maggi, which can serve as a satisfactory eatery.

Personalising the Workstation


Office is your sanctuary, other than your home. This is where you spend a considerable amount of time in a day and it is only fair that you get to feel at home. Your senior authority can permit you to decorate your workstation as per personal preference. By having motivational pictures around or photos of your loved ones, you can get the much-needed motivation.

Events and Annual Day Celebration


India is a country of festivals and major festivals ought to be celebrated the way they deserve. Other than granting leaves, your office can lay off the formal dress code for the day. That way, you as employees can get a chance to exhibit your other dressing sense that might garner you attention.

Recreational Premises


Thesr are examples of Fun at work – Having a recreational premise in the office can help employees recharge their batteries. When you are pumped up, you can focus better on work and be at your productive best.

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