How To Recruit The Right Employees For Your Start-Up

How to hire right employees – We suggest a few important steps that might help you hire the right team for your start up.

Recruiting is a big step for small businesses. First recruits of an organization are always special.

When you start working on building something of your own, after quitting your full time job, the transition resembles nothing less than a dream.

And your first recruits should be nothing less than the foundation pillars, which help you build your dream.

Quite often, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to hire professionals for their company, mostly because those experienced don’t really want to fit into a lesser-budgeted organization (compared to what they might be working in), and lesser experienced or freshers wouldn’t really have that sort of knowledge to act professional.

We suggest a few important steps that might help you hire the right team for your start up.

Job description

Begin by choosing a job title and description. Because your first team is expected to be small, it is suggested that you don’t recruit too many people for the same role. The job description should include most of the points, which you’d want your team member to volunteer for. For that, write a particular specification, which you want the person to be proficient in.

Advertising necessities

Advertise only where you expect to reach out to the candidates. Advertising jobs online is popular, effective and much cheaper as compared to the traditional means, such as newspapers. While recruitment agencies are an option, they can be expensive as well. So you could either post jobs on LinkedIn or spread the word in your network.

Remember to keep the language simple and concise.


Though an application form makes it easy for you to compare candidates, it can be a tedious job and might even take a long time. So, use your website to post a “work with us” option and once you have a handful of applications, compare them against the profile’s requirements and specialization.

It is also very important to be professional during interviews. Yes, you cannot afford to lose out on good candidates because of too much discipline, but moderate discipline is as much required as your team. Indulge in a conversation with the candidate rather than an interrogation round.

That makes the candidate comfortable and conveys to you, the best in him/her.


While interviewing candidates it is suggested that you note down points, which you think are better in one than the other. You alone would know what sort of a person (with skills and experience) would suit the profile and help in building your empire. However, if you cannot decide whom you want to employ, you can always ask a certain candidate for a second interview.

Post that, call the candidate personally to tell him/her that he/she is shortlisted for the post, and send-in the offer letter.

Lastly, remember that being an employer also means you will have to comply with a range of employment regulations designed to protect your employee rights. You may be the foundation stone, but they are the pillars of your company.

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