Here Are The Fun Ways To Make Your Office Bearable

Ways to make office bearable

Ways to make office bearable – Office sucks, especially on Mondays when the weekend hangover is still there loud and throbbing.

But then one has to chug along. Office is toxic and enjoyable in the same vein, while in some cases we fall prey to petty politicking and in others, we make find good confidantes in our colleagues too from cracking inside jokes to sharing lunch. You can very well say, office is a salad bowl of experiences, mostly good except for the boss sprouting of new rules and making us spend more time than usual working hours.

However, there are some fun Ways to make office bearable :

Ways to make office bearable –

1. Deck up your desk:

The least you can do to cheer yourself up and conjure some more patience while halfway through the work and it’s still time to go back home, deck up your desk with some fun stuff. Apart from the quirky stationary, you can incorporate some faux flower vases, photo frames and cartoon figures to liven up your mood in an instant. That way you can share the pictures in your social media handle and be praised for your creativity too.

2. Keep flowers in the desk:

It is a research-proven method of making your office experience worth the while. If you keep flowers near the desk, a mere sight at them helps you generate more creative ideas.

3. Flatter your boss a little:

When you are walking alongside your boss up to the parking lot, tell him how much you have enjoyed working in the new project. Trust us, flattery always pays off. You will not feel the emotional exhaustion of failing if you get your boss to like you. This way your career will have a smooth sailing too.

4. Go on a lunch with your colleagues:

Preferably on Fridays when there is lesser work pressure and more time at hand. Devoting some time to your colleagues is a smart way to establish good relationship with them and lessen the count of your professional enemies.

5. Resort to some mobile gaming:

Mobile gaming is the best stress-buster of late. If your stress level seems to soar up, instead of fidgeting with your social media profiles which are even more frustrating, try out some mobile gaming like Angry Bird or Fruit Ninja. This way you can calm your mind down and get back to working.

6. Watch funny Youtube videos:

This is infallible method to beat the stress level. You can watch cat videos and some subscribe to some Youtube comedy channels. We would suggest you to revisit the Sarabhai episodes for loading up on some healthy sarcasm.

7. Train your brain to multitask:

If you have a little time at hand from working, instantly scroll through your Facebook account while talking to your mom over phone. Not many people, especially the passionate workers can multi-task but study proves that multitaskers are less prone to stress. Give it a shot already.

So, these are the Ways to make office bearable and beat your office boredom like a boss and get back home with a smile.

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