5 Ideas You Can Resort To When Are Totally Up To It But Do Not Have A Condom Handy!

how to have safe sex without condom

Ok, I am aware that many of you would be saying the what the heck is a condom!

No net because you are not aware what it is and how it looks like, but simply for the fact that many out there do not let condom be an obstacle in the forbidden pleasures. They do it without a condom, as a usual practice.

Which is not at all safe! No matter this statement of mine goes against the title of this blog, I am still saying it.

Now that I have said what I wanted to, let me come back to the 5 ideas that you can resort to when you are totally up to it, with your partner right besides you, up and roaring, but you do not have a condom handy:

In short how to have safe sex without condom!

1) Call the nearby pharmacy to deliver the pack to you, while you wait with a bated breath for the rock n roll to start. Come what may, do not start the game before the equipment arrives. Be patient!


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