5 Offline Games At Workplace That Will Decrease Your Stress Level

Games At Workplace – Communication and positive workplace interactions are the pillars of any professional relationship.

Whether you’re talking about a colleague, manager, customer or your client, efficiency and productivity are directly dependent on how well things are incorporated at your workplace.

Team building exercises does not only help employees bond, but also acts as a big time stress reliever.

A research shows that happier people work harder, which is why a playful workplace brings out new talent, relieves stress, builds relationship and increases productivity.

So, here’s a list of ideas you could put to use to engage, motivate and relieve fatigue at workplace. Read on!

Games At Workplace

1. Challenging memories

The game involves a group of ten or more people. What the participants are required to do is to form two equal lines facing each other. Then, one line turns around and gives the other forty seconds to change ten or more things (depending on the number of participants) about themselves. The change can include anything- from jewellery to accessory to any other thing being swapped. Once the former group recognizes the changes, they switch giving other team a chance to find the changes.

This game will stimulate the participants’ minds and can be incoporated when lack of energy is felt at the workplace.

2. Game Show Gambit

This is one of those games, which is always on the top of a manager’s list. To test the team’s knowledge about the company or the industry the manager hosts a mini game show. You divide the number of people into groups and the procedure that follows is similar to a quiz contest, with a minor difference of questions regarding only the company or the industry.

The game may not promise anything else, but it definitely promises the manager to know his/her employee through and through.

3. Tied up in knots

The activity involves teammates getting out of a human knot. A group stands in a circle facing the other group. Each member of one group reaches a member of another to shake hand (with their right hand of’course). Keeping their right hands clasped, everyone reaches in with their left hand to shake hands with a different member of the circle. The main task begins now. Without letting go of either of the hands, the participants are asked to unknot themselves. Play the game and watch your colleagues go crazy alongwith you go crazy.

4. Snakes and ladders

I’m quite sure you don’t need any expalnations reagrding the game. Why I think this could be good to play in the office is because the game ends quickly so you can play it more often, doesn’t require a big team so you can play it even if there are two of you, and it’ll be fun even ater you retire.

5. Talking in circles

The exercise focuses on good communication. All you need is a long string. All participants stand in a circle and grasp the string with both hands. Without letting go the team is supposed to form shapes out of the string. However they’ll have to do this with their eyes closed. This in turn, will make them communicate better and harder to get the string in a proper shape.

Games At Workplace that you can play to relieve the stress. Now that you know about a variety of things to breathe life into your dull workplace, why not incorporate them and see the difference. Add fun to your meetings and build team rapport at the same time.

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