5 Ways To Look More Presentable Than You Are At Workplace

Ways to look more presentable

Ways to look more presentable – They say, first impression is the last impression. However, while you are working you need to make an impression at the start of every day at office.

Looking presentable at work is something every employee strives for. Your outfit reflects your personality and your taste as a whole. While you may be considered beautiful in and around your peers, there are a few important measures you need to take to make yourself presentable at your workstation. Read on.

Ways to look more presentable –

1. Your outfit

It is no news what an outfit does to your personality. You know what kind of a woman was she when she boarded the train and you looked at her clothes as if you were a fashion poilice. So, you need to pay special attention to what you are wearing for the day, as you need to be comfortable as well as confident in your clothes. And of course something, which your office allows you to wear.

2. Grooming

Even when I was in school and some boy who used to share my bench had an unruly hair, I used to judge him as unkempt. Unruly hair and the just-got-up-from-bed look comes off as tacky. Ladies, you could try out a number of hairstyles such as front braids, fishtail braids and puffed pony and gentlemen, to continue to be famous as a gentleman, take care of your moustaches and small, easy to maintain hair.

3. Personal and professional

I simply love showing off my tattoos while walking on the beach. But when it comes to work I hate it when even an inch of it shows off. Also, your boss wouldn’t really like it when tattoos from your arm or elbow peep at him. So make sure your tattoos are covered and avoid any type of piercing that might look obnoxious. Also, even when you’re having an ethnic day at work keep your accessories subtle and sophisticated. After all you wouldn’t want to leave a K-serial- vamp impression on your boss.

4. Pleasantries and etiquettes

Exchanging pleasantries at work makes you an outgoing person. If you happen to cross paths with somebody from your own team or somebody who knows you really well, asking him or her how was the day or exchanging genuine greetings will definitely earn you brownie points.If you call for food or have your meals in the pantry, offering your lunch-mate your dabba or sharing, could keep you in high regards.

5. Fragrance

Something, which each of us resort to. Choose to wear a fragrance which is mild and keeps you active and in a good mood all day. Also, while using it, you need to very particular so as to not spill more than required. There could be people at your workplace allergic to a scent, or people who have a strong sense of smell. To avoid making them uncomfortable working with you, use just the apt amount of it.

These are the ways to look more presentable – We know what does it take to get a job. To make yourself feel good about your job you need to be presentable in a good way. After all you wouldn’t just want your days of struggle and stress to go in vain just because you did not comb your hair or wore the proper dress.

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