4 Things Students Must Be Taught About By The End Of Their Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Secondary Education – The overall development of a student comes from the knowledge the student possesses. Education is more than just sitting in a classroom and listening to what your teacher tells you about. While the extracurricular and co curricular activities help in the all round development of a student, yet there are a few areas where the student needs to be fully trained in, by the end of his or her secondary education.

While science, arts and maths are a few compulsory subjects included in the curriculum, there are a few more subjects, which we think should be made compulsory for the students to learn. These areas of learning may not be of deep knowledge, but helps a student in practical life. Here are a few examples.

Social Exposure

They say you’re born a leader. But not all born with leadership skills become a perfect leader. You need to hone your skills to be one. There are students who are blessed with interactive skills, but most of them restrain from opening up in presence of audience. If students are taught about the importance of possessing good social skills, it might save them a lot of time, while looking for a job.

Physical Education

When I was in the ninth grade, I was given the option to choose between physical education and mathematics. I was a volleyball player and so you can assume how tough would the decision would have been for me. Being physically fit is an essential part of your after-school life. While physical training is generally made compulsory during primary education, sports are not considered as a requirement in many curriculums. Research has proved that the more is a student involved in physical activity, the more he/she is physically fir and successful.


Because you’ll soon be entering college life and be on your own (I am referring to expenditures here) it is important that you learn about the power of finance. Students who are not fortunate enough to have been brought up in an environment which handles monetary matters sensibly, might find it difficult to survive when they move out for further studies. Hence, money management should be considered an essential field to teach.

First aid training

When I was in school, we used to have school assembly every alternate day in the school ground. While I understand that they are an important part of school life, I have had my share of experiences with students getting a stroke and fainting in the ground. What could save time at that moment is basic first aid training. Once a week, first aid training would be more than enough to deal with circumstances.

Secondary education – Few years back environmental science was made a compulsory subject by the Supreme Court of India considering the need to save the environment. The areas discussed may not be as important as saving the planet, yet cannot be ignored.

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