Want To Make Your Professional Team The Best? Do These 7 Things!


Team building is an exercise that requires lots of smart work and care.

One wrong entrée can spoil the entire team and detach it from its purpose.

The responsibility lies with the leaders to make sure they pick up the best suited talent for the team and to make it perform well. It takes some key ingredients to make your team the best.

Here are 7 things leaders can do to Make Your Professional Team The Best!

  1. Cash In On People’s Strengths

As a manager, your responsibility is to understand each of your team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Let people spend most of their time doing what they are best at but also, do not forget to help them improve on their weaknesses. This will keep the members motivated and interested in their work, along with learning and improving what they are not very good at.

  1. Give Recognition

Recognise your team member’s efforts and give them credit for their achievements. It not only will inspire other members, it will also motivate other employees to do something extraordinary and make a great achievement. Acknowledging people’s efforts makes them happy and keeps them motivated to perform well consistently.

  1. Being Friends Won’t Harm Anyone

Since people spend more time in office than they spend with their families, it is very important that people have friends in their work place. Having a comfortable environment where people feel free to express and share is very important. What is worth noting here is that the focus and goal of the team should not be sacrificed. Maintaining that, there is no harm in being friends.

  1. Personal Lives Are Important

Although your aim is to fulfill your organisation’s goal and what your job requires you to do and the team members too need to fulfill this purpose but you should not forget that your team members are human and they all have their personal lives too which is very important to each one of them. Be empathetic and lenient when required and show your team members that you care. Celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries will imbibe in them a sense of loyalty and attachment with your team and the organisation.

  1. Leaders are Readers

In order to be the best, your team needs to be updated with the latest trends and phenomenon and reading is one very good way to achieve that. Share articles and books to read with your team and encourage your team members to share any interesting reading material with the team. Inculcate the habit of reading amongst your team to make it the best.

  1. Align Their Personal Goals With The Team’s Goals

Understanding the personal goals of each of the team members and aligning them with the team’s goals is very important. Till the time the team members do not see any profit in achieving what the team wants to achieve, they will not be motivated enough to work hard for it. Incentivise your team appropriately and let them reap the benefits if they achieve their goals.

  1. Trust and Transparency

If you do not trust the people you work with, you can never make a good team, forget the best. Trust is very important when working in a team, since team members do a collective job. Each member’s work is a part of the bigger picture and work delegation and responsibility can only be given to people you trust. Ensure there is transparency in your communication and your team will be the best performing team.

A good manager understands his team and its requirements and devises strategies to achieve its goals. It is very important to have the perfect team so as to perform well. So follow these 7 things and pave your way to being the best professional team.

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