10 Famous Universities Offering Free Online Courses


Are you looking to upgrade your skills with flexible online courses?

Then you can easily fulfill your wish by enrolling yourself in one of these free online courses offered by edX.

Online courses are best for self-motivated people who want to boost their expertise and knowledge. These courses are free of cost and one can simply learn varied subjects from the comfort of home. The best part is that these courses are offered by renowned universities from around the globe.

Today we have rounded up some best online courses for our readers :

  1. Quality of Life: Livability in Future Cities- ETH University

Many are intrigued by the topic on how our future cities will be and if you are amongst those then you must attend this interesting course by ETH institute. This course will aid you to know about how one can have positive influence on the designing of cities for better livability. Click here to get started.


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