Nobody Is Born A Leader. You Need To Hone Your Skills To Become One. We Tell You How.

We redefine leadership and the qualities you need to become a good leader. Read on!

What is the most gripping leadership myth ever born? That leadership is all in your genes, and that all great leaders were born a leader.

Does that mean, only those born with leadership in genes have  a charismatic personality and traits that leave a solid impression on you in the first meeting? Not really.  Yes, the extent of skills is not the same in everybody, but honing them in a proper way is what makes you a good leader. We redefine leadership and qualities you need to become a good leader. Read on!

Before we talk about anything related to leaders or leadership, let me ask you about your favourite leader and what about him inspires you the most? Having given a thought to it, let’s take a look at what exactly is the profile of a leader.

  • Leads the team, takes full responsibility for the team and is willing to admit mistake on behalf on the whole team when something goes wrong.
  • Enables solution to a problem, coaches and counsels the whole team.
  • Promotes the strengths of other individuals to achieve the best results.
  • Is always willing to ask for or give support to any member of the team irrespective of the time and situation you are in.
  • Is full of genuine integrity, thoughtfulness and forthrightness.

These are a few qualities a good leader is supposed to possess.

We now talk about how to be one of them.

It is as simple to understand as to say that leadership is not taught, it is rather learnt. You can be a good leader from self experience or by learning from your errors. But to develop the skills here are a few things that could help you out.

  1. Taking initiatives

A tried and tested method, volunteering yourself for something, rather than looking up to others is the first step towards leadership. No matter what profession you’re engaged with, or what post do you hold, your chances of boosting your heading-the-team skills will not only bring you in the limelight but also help you think and feel like a leader.

  1. A passive learner

There is no such thing in life, that you know about totally. Wise is he who understands that the learning process continues for a lifetime. So if you work with a feeling that you know everything, it might quite possibly lead to your downfall. Learning from your seniors and juniors is going to make you learn more concepts and in time will make you possess more humility.

  1. Time management

You need to implement effectiveness in your lifestyle. Prioritizing the important and right tasks and building strategies to contribute in the best way possible is one of the essentials traits of a good manager.

  1. Keeping the team united

This is one of those skills which has a direct impact on the people you are representing. You should have the calibre to manage conflicts, handle difficult conversations, enabling proper communication between the team members and assuring the others that no matter what happens you’ll always stand with the team. 

Leading is not only about directing the team in the right direction. You also need to know what drives your people and what motivates them the most. So, as we said earlier nobody is born a leader. You and only you’ll know about it, if you want to be one.

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