Why Is It Difficult For Every Undergraduate To Prioritize Things In Career

Your priorities should involve placing issues of utmost importance and tasks in the correct order of importance in your daily lives.

The process of studying at a senior college level and growing up at the same time tends to be a challenging process in the life of young undergraduates, especially in presemt times.

The combined effect of academic results, emotional trauma, thriving to reach upto the expectations of others, homesickness result in causing harmful effects in the much known cases of drug abuse, poor performance in academics and peer pressure.

The confusion an undergraduate undergoes while excelling in academia is not surprising.

The word priority is often thrown around randomly, and more often than that used in a context where it is not required. But when you look at an undergraduate’s life you’ll know that the first thing he/she needs to do is to prioritize things and stay focused.

Say for a student who’s in the pre-final year of engineering, thinking about higher studies right after graduation and then sitting for placements in the final year is without doubt confusing.

Researchers agree that while it could be difficult to nail an entrance test right after you graduate, which is why you keep placement as a backup option, the time you invest in preparing for placements and being diverted from what you really want to do, is commendable. I remember how difficult was it more me to keep things one over the other, while I was in college.

Your priorities differ with every stage in your life.

What it involves is just placing issues of utmost importance and tasks in the correct order of importance in your daily lives. Generally, those matters of importance of our basic needs and targets ambitions down to leisure and recreational activity.

Setting priorities and taking up things in the correct order has aided mankind since a long time and is something that is employed in every sector, right from small scale workers to scientists, surgeons and politicians. 

What you need to understand here is that setting priorities does not necessarily involve studying or implementing what your family thinks about your career. As said earlier, it depends on which situation you’re talking about and what matter is at your hand. The right estimation and evaluation of one’s own lifestyle and setting of priorities generally helps in more than one way, as a consistent commitment goes hand in hand with your plans and ambitions.

So the next time you feel confused about what to do in life, whether to go for placement or higher studies, simply sit and note down your priority at that moment and you’re good to go.

Trust me folks, it’s a tried and tested method.

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