Here Are 4 Tips To Balance Your College Life Fun With Your Academics!


These days, many students struggle between their fun life and academic schedules. Not being able to make a healthy balance, bogs them down.

The students who concentrates more on academics become boring book worms, and the ones who indulge in social life and parties are often tagged as careless freaks!

Here, we are going to tell you how to create a perfect balance your college life fun with your academics.

  1. Learn To Control Your Schedule. Your Schedule Should Not Be Controlling You

Time management skills are utmost important if you wish to create a prolific and interesting schedule. Then comes, how to organize that schedule. For this, at the beginning of each semester, learn to organize all the important dates such as class tests, project submission deadlines etc., in a planner. Write them down yourself, so that you remember them clearly. Organize your presentation and campus meeting dates too, in the planner. Now, important thing is to mark the social activity times in the planner too, especially the fun hours with friends and birthday party celebration. Make sure you mark these in a planner that is with you all the time, supposedly a planner on your mobile phone. Your study time, 2-3 hours in every 2 days (just for an example) should also be marked in the planner, and make it as per the best hours that you can devote to studying, sans any distractions! Be disciplined enough to schedule any other activities that are less important around those that are most important and control your schedule yourself, to follow it religiously.

  1. Know Your Priorities And Act Accordingly 

If you understand your priorities and act on them, you will know exactly how to make the best of each hour you have in hand. This is the biggest key factor to a successful and healthy college life, which is a good mix of fun and education. Everyone has exactly 24 hours each day. People who achieve more in life simply make better use of their 24 hours each day than everyone else. What you do with each of your 24 hours has as much to do with your success during college as any other factor. There is an old saying that “if it important enough to you, you make time for it.” Be sure that nobody is in charge of your time except for you. It is one of the most valuable assets you have. Make the best use of it, at all times.

  1. Do Not Miss Any Classes

That’s right! Never do that! Skipping college classes might sound adventurous and fun, but trust me, it is all the more dangerous. You may miss your classes and still pass your exams, simply by cramming at the end of each semester. However, missing the classes is like making things difficult for you, and studying longer hours than usual. Which definitely eats up your time you could allocate for friends and other social activities. Therefore, attending the classes will only help you to save time for a lot of fun later. Also, try to get in the habit of forcing yourself to sit in the FRONT of the class, especially in large classes. Studies show that students retain more information, and pay more attention, even if they don’t realize it. It also helps keep you awake. That usually allows you to take better notes, as well. Which again saves a lot of time trying to copy notes from friends.

  1. Keep The Fun Zone On At Right Times

We know you wouldn’t need help with this pointer. Who need tips on how to have fun, right? Yet, we must say that enjoy your college time to the core, while you can. You will recall these amazing years as best years of your life, when you are all grownup caught in the rut of life. Believe it or not, but professors, administrators, and your parents want you to enjoy every minute of it! You must enjoy it while making efficient use of your time and controlling your schedule. All the important ingredients should be there at right times, which allow you to dissolve your stress and breathe free for few hours.

With these tips, we are sure you will now try to take correct steps to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

Have a blast during your college life, while you excel at the academics too.

All the best!

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