10 Foods That People Eat Just To Appear Cool!


Eat what you like, seems like a saying long forgotten!

Today, just like many other things, foods that people eat to impress others, especially in social gatherings! Style, class, mannerism and pseudo etiquette are the major reasons behind making fake food choices.

I have noticed people eating and then making a face uglier than a blobfish!

But they eat it, just to appear cool!

You might be one of those who eat one of these 10 foods just to fit-in!

  1. Liquor – Vodka, tequila shots, martini, red wine, white wine, and sangria! Well, some might love them, but there are sure shot numbers who have these hip sounding liquors just to be a part of the bunch, no matter how they hate the taste! And how they go on a puking spree after the ball is over!
  1. Pasta – Not all love pasta. Sometimes it’s the most bland and boring food, which causes constipation! Yet, it makes you look so cool in friends get-together, right?
  1. Black Coffee –..yuck, it’s bitter to hell! But who cares, it makes me look happening, and of the newer intellectual generation! So I am having it!
  1. Frappecchino – What exactly is that! The cappuccino that got frapped or the frappe that is having a date with cappuccino? Never mind, the name sounds cool, so I am gonna have it!
  1. Sushi – So there are many elite joints that serve BEST SUSHI? What is that by the way, do you even know? Do you like the taste? But you eat Sushi just because your mates have ordered it and it’s in fashion!
  1. Green Tea At Work Place – “Ramsevak, mere liye meri wali green tea hi lana, haan!” Yeah, it’s so stylish to ask the office boy for a cup of green tea, while all others are having usual boring chai!
  1. Steamed Chicken – The chicken that we love is the “sadda wala butter chicken ya masaaledaar kadhai chicken”! But steamed chicken is healthy and people order it at restaurants to tell “Oh see, I am so health cautious”!
  1. Strange Looking Salads – Eat salads and only salads (read leaves) from an otherwise scrumpious buffet menu to say “I need to take care of my figure you see”, and the moment you are alone, gorge into everything eatable that comes in sight! Girls…. Oh Girls!!
  1. Expensive Beverages At A Five Star – A small glass of few sips of some drink for 2500/- bucks?? What the hell is in that glass, elixir of life? But some people order it! It makes them look posh! And it makes them bankrupt too!
  1. Tofu – “Bhaiya, do you have tofu?” The taste is so yuck, I can have it removed from the planet forever! But I have seen people enquiring about tofu while ordering food at restaurants. Just because it is the paneer of elite class, huh!!

So which one do you have to look cool?

There may be more names that you can add to this list!

All I would say is, eat what you love and eat to your heart’s content! After all, food is what keeps us happy!


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