10 Things You Will Relate To If You Had A Crush While In A Relationship

Things relate to if you had crush

Things relate to if you had crush – Crushes are natural and common; we deem it a taboo if someone is in a committed relationship. But you can’t bind your heart by shackles and someone from the opposite sex who seems to fulfil the vacuum in your relationship, or simply looks downright gorgeous for that matter, tugs at your heartstrings. It is not necessary that you love that person, you may also love the feeling of being in love again, finding out the buried emotions in you again and feeling the fear of losing someone again.

So, if you like someone while in a committed relationship, Things relate to if you had crush :

Things relate to if you had crush –

1 – You have a mixed feeling of guilt and happiness:

The guilt trip is mandatory if you have been in the committed relationship for long and your boyfriend is seemingly loyal to you. But there are butterflies in the stomach when you see the person you hold a torch for.

2 – You feel special about yourself:

People take you for granted when you devote yourself too much in a relationship and you two start behaving like a married couple. You don’t feel special about yourself anymore hence as there is nobody to make you feel that all over again. But this new person tries to woo you, compliment you and you can’t hold yourself back.

3 – Your feelings are renewed:

Things get tiresomely mundane when in a committed relationship for long. Small fights, sweet nothings boost up the relationship which yours lack so when you start talking with this significant other, you pass through those raging emotions, jealousy, tears all over again.

4 – You want to keep both of them in your life:

Yes, it is possible to love two people at the same time. You want the other guy to stay but you can’t let go of your boyfriend too. So, there is a strange dilemma that engulfs you.

5 – You become a tireless liar:

You constantly spin a yarn about your exciting life to keep the other guy interested. Also, you hide from him that you went out on a date with your boyfriend because you can’t upset him.

6 – You become a popcorn hoe:

Suddenly you want to rediscover yourself and start dressing to impress because you want his attention come what may. You start wearing his favourite colours, doll up yourself as he likes and that’s that.

7 – You put an application lock in your phone:

Because you want to hide his messages from your boyfriend, you uninstall your messenger, delete whatsapp chats, put an apps lock and become overly cautious about your phone.

8 – You cancel date plans with your boyfriend:

You make excuses and cancel date plans with your boyfriend to meet him because it feels like he is indispensable in your life right now.

9 – You avoid eye contacts with your boyfriend:

A guilty person feels uncomfortable to establish eye-contact.

10 – You start rebuffing your boyfriend’s demands:

Your boyfriend’s sexual advances start giving you cringe suddenly because you have that significant other in your mind 24*7.

These are the things relate to if you had crush – When you are really into this person, you are likely to go through all the aforesaid things.

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