Why Could The Implementation Of FYUP In Delhi University’s Curriculum Be A Big Mistake

We tell you why is the Four Year Undergraduate Program a big mistake at this point in a student’s career.

The educational universities are meant to teach students how to identify, understand and evaluate multiple points of view. At a time when students seek answers and reinsurance about what are they investing their time and money in, Delhi University, it seems, has made its decision to sabotage their future plans. The University has shown no signs of reneging the programme, even after strong protests from the students and academic circle.

The arguments presented by the University in favour of FYUP are pointless when talking about providing quality education to the students. We tell you why is the Four Year Undergraduate Program a big mistake at this point in a student’s career.

1. Course structure

A marginal difference in the syllabus of a three year degree course and FYUP is going to affect the system of education in a negative way. The main course has been heavily diluted and incorporated with unworthy foundation courses which definitely do not contribute anything towards the all round development of a student. An increase in employability is not going to take place with introduction of these courses in the curriculum.

2. Competencies

Because of the newly introduced foundation courses, the number of subjects required to gain knowledge in a particular stream have been exempted. A student who graduates from the FYUP is not at par with a student who graduated an year earlier from the same university with the same course, as the former has relatively less knowledge of the subject and therefore has lesser chances of getting employed when compared to the latter.

3. Drop outs

Low fee strcutures for courses and good number of scholarships ensure that affordable education to students coming from all sections of the society. However, the FYUP will place an increased burden of an additional year on students. In that case, students who choose to drop out at the end of their second or third year will be categorized as ‘drop outs’. Now how does that increase employability among students?

The Univeristy has seen huge protests against the programme which involved students and teachers both. Some hope was regained when the new government came into power, the Vice Chancellor diverted the issue towards incompetent and absentee faculty and other useless arguments. While there are still chances that the university might get rid of the programme, the career of the first batch of FYUP holders are at still at stake.

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