Salman Khan Found An Alternate Profession: The Sallu Barber!

We are talking about a latest episode of Mission Sapne on Colors channel where Salman Khan became a barber to help one of his fans, financially.

Don’t worry girls; your favorite heartthrob hasn’t changed his profession!

And guys, just hold on, don’t you rush to claim his throne! He is still the King of his Kingdom!

All we are talking about is the latest episode of Mission Sapne on Colors channel. This show is the first of its kind in the country combining entertainment with a social message and helping in a noble cause in every episode. In this particular episode, Salman Khan became a barber for one whole day to help one of his fans, Qurbaan who lost his livelihood after an accident in which both his legs got amputated. As per the show’s format, whatever Salman earned doing that job; it was multiplied by 100 and given to Qurbaan for his dreams. Indeed a noble cause!


Watching cool Salman trim someone’s hair or give a kid his favorite spikes was a treat to the eyes. But it also reminded us of a movie based on barbers, featuring Salman’s rival, Shahrukh Khan! Even though Shahrukh didn’t play a barber in the movie, we can always compare them both. Now for those who are still racking their brains about the name of the movie, let us help you out. It was the dud of the year when it was released, Billu Barber!

Despite Shahrukh’s presence, Kareena Kapoor’s item numbers, sexy Lara Dutta’s glamour, and outstanding acting of Irrfan Khan, the film still failed to touch the hearts of audience. However, Salman with his one day act of being a barber, not only won the hearts of everyone, he even made sure that Qurbaan got enough money to fulfill his dreams! Not only that, he even told Qurbaan that he should use the earned money for something productive but not for his prosthetic legs. The reason being, Salman promised to arrange for his prosthetic legs from his own pocket! Now that’s what we call real generosity.

He also made sure that the act was not a routine boring one, but filled with interesting moments. Like, when a bald gentleman approached him for a hair-cut, Salman played it cool and just went ahead to style his beard! So the day was spent with Sallu bhai’s champis’, head and shoulder massages, crazy but stylish hairstyles and what not! Clearly a win-win situation for everyone!

So this round of barber-giri has definitely been won by Salman bhai! We won’t mind if Shahrukh decides to jump in. For us die hard fans of both these superstars, it will be heavenly to get a hair-cut from them.

Maybe they can collaborate on this venture, who knows they get their long-lost friendship in hair, oops, in here!

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