Why Playing Candy Crush At Work Could Prove A Brain Booster For You

What is the first memory that comes to your mind when I say video games? Your mother asking you to shut down the TV or the PC, and We tell you why playing candy crush saga can be a mind booster…

What is the first memory that comes to your mind when I say video games? Your mother asking you to shut down the TV or the PC, and that how harmful it is for you to sit and play video games for a long time.

Guess, it’s more or less the same for all. I fondly remember how as a child I waited for my exams to end, so that we could play video games freely without any interference (My mother never left me all alone to play). She probably did not want me to get ‘addicted’ to the game. Hardly, did she know that in time, technology would advance as much as to let people play video games on their phone too.

From the past few months, this game has become a giant in the corporate sector, metros, buses, office and not to forget, homes as well. Research found out that, rather than addictive, this game that has struck almost the whole of the corporate population, does not only act as a stress buster but also boosts your brain cells and hence enhances your career opportunities. Here’s how…

You don’t require any hard strategies or tactics to play Candy Crush. All you need to do is to match the similar candies and score points using your reflex and observation. Similarly, at work you need to meet your goals and ensure that things fall into place as you’d expected them to, with of course equal concentration and energy.

Because the initial levels of the game are easy to achieve, it gives a feeling of satisfaction to the player’s mind. The accomplishment releases certain neurochemicals that helps in recreational and innovative behaviour in the player’s mind. With the rise in difficulty in every level, the player seems to get more recreational and innovative, which in turn affects his performance review.

The new features in the game allows you to clear a certain level(with hindrances) within a specific period of time. Do I even need to elaborate how important is this for one’s career?

You get extra brownie points to invite your friends to play the game with you. You know how important is your team at work, hence this enhances your team player skills. I can’t oversee the good thing that happens to you while you invite your friends to play Candy Crush, even though I hate receiving those requests.

Last, but not the least, you help your friends learn the game and master it, and then when they beat you in a certain level, what builds up between the two of you is a healthy competitive spirit. So very important for your career, is it not?

Now that you know how important playing Candy Crush could be for your career, you can easily have an answer for those who call you a Candy Crush addict. (wink)

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