These Insanely Pretty Cars Are For Your Eyes Only And Not For Sale!

Pretty and unique cars – with an aim to promote a new technology or a break-through in design, car manufacturers often formulate vehicles that are stunning and iconic. Unfortunately, most of them are not capable of being driven on city roads.

There are hatchbacks for the masses and there are high-end SUVs for the elite class, but there are a few distinguished cars that are so exotic that they never see the production line.

These machines come straight from the imaginations of the best designers and engineers across the world, and are so futuristic that it is unfeasible to manufacture them in large numbers. These glorious vehicles do get a chance to display themselves in an auto show or exhibition, making the crowds all the more crazy and lusting after them.

Listed below are some of the best cars that possess truly special features, but tragically, are unable to adorn the garages of general public or even celebs.

The Bullet-shaped Car

Conceptualized by the eminent French car manufacturer Peugot, this electric-powered sports car takes the shape of a bullet. What’s special about the Peugot E-motion is that it’s been crafted using concave and convex shapes only.



The Car with Twin Wraparound Units

Instead of using the traditional windscreen, the Lamborghini Concept S flaunts twin wraparound units along with front & rear spoilers and a massive rear diffuser. Designed by the famous Luc Donckerwolke in 2005, this awe-inspiring car is pretty similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo.



The Car with a Unique Looking Cockpit

The Maserati Birdcage Pininfarina takes aerodynamics to a whole new level. Boasting of delivering blazing fast speeds, the chassis of this magnificent vehicle gets inspiration from the extremely different cockpit of Maserati MC 12.



A Heady Mix of Car & Superbike

T-Rex, the sporty 3-wheeler and 2-seater, unveiled way back in 1994, is the brain-child of the veteran designer Johnathan Cote. Designers across the world are still wondering on the grounds of the best engine configuration for this car cum superbike.



The Machine Made From Die-Casts

The Lotus Hot Wheels is the concoction arising out of the collaboration between the toy car maker Hot Wheels and the renowned Lotus Group. This car has nothing to brag about its specs, as it was primarily meant to highlight the conglomerate’s vision as well as endorse its smaller version created from die-casts.



The Curvy Machine

The breath-taking Audi Locus boasts of its aerodynamic shape and flowing curves. Enameled in red, this machine designed by Ugur Sahin, a Turkish designer, steals the heart at first glance.


Apart from the above-mentioned splendid vehicles, there is an array of other cars that possess ground-breaking design and technology. Sadly, most of them are impossible to drive on Indian roads, and even if they did manage to go on sale, most of us still wouldn’t have been able to afford them!

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