8 Best Companies That Proved Best Working Grounds For Women in 2015!


With more and more women joining the corporate picture, it is becoming imperative for the organisations to incorporate women friendly environment, working grounds and perks for these gorgeous and hardworking employees.

This boosts up the confidence and encourage more and more women folks to step out and to pursue their careers, along with their family responsibilities.

Here is a comprehensive look at the 8 companies, best working grounds for women, that are proving to be the best working grounds for Indian women and helping the aspiring lot to make a prolific choice to career, earn a living and be independent.

  1. RMSI – Risk Management Solutions, Inc.

This one takes the spot! In a recent survey conducted by Great Place to Work Institute and The Economic Times, RMSI got ranked as the best company to work for in 2015, pushing Google to a second. This IT company focuses strongly on employee health and overall well-being. It offers special health initiatives for women suffering from breast and cervix cancer. Employees can also avail of other health check up provisions for thyroid and gynaecological problems.  Apart from having a strong anti-sexual harassment policy, the company ensures safety of its women employees, by conducting self-defense workshops, Tai chi, distributing pepper sprays, sessions with women police officers and NGOs that create awareness about women’s rights and safety. A definite step in the right direction, don’t you think?

  1. Google India

Google has proven to be the most employee friendly organisation in the recent years. Not many companies can compete with Google when it comes to providing a relaxed, stress-free working environment for its employees. Having a career at Google is proving to be the best move for those who opted for it. Women employees have specially equipped gym areas, with customised health programmes. There are regular recreational activities going on. The most amazing perk which I see, are the several sleeping pods, for the late working employees to catch a quick nap. Three meals in a day and snacks at the Google office are completely free. The company also hosts ‘bring your children to work’ and ‘get your parents to work’ days to help the families understand the worker’s corporate responsibilities better.

  1. Flipkart

This E-commerce giant posed a potential example in this domain when they officially extended the three months government mandated maternity leave to six months paid maternity leave, making it easier for new moms to resume work only after their newborn is settled. Also, they are offering to the new mothers to have flexible working hours with full salaries. Women employees with sensitive family situations can opt for year-long sabbatical, but without salary. They can resume work without any risk of losing the job. Daily travel allowance and exclusive parking spots are provided to the pregnant employees, before and after delivery, half of the day care expenses to the moms, and guess what? They also throw a baby shower for all the preggy women. WHOA! It ain’t getting any better, right? The company also offers INR 50, 000 adoption allowance to its employees. Isn’t that awesome? I would love to work there.

  1. SAP Labs India

The software moghul, is also in the big league. Apart from usual flexible work options and healthcare for women, SAP Labs also provides 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, with an additional 16 weeks of extended maternity leave. Women employees are provided with a special cab facility during and post pregnancy. The company has a wonderful, all equipped creche, which is meant for all the moms in the company. Once in a week or 4 times in a month, working from home is allowed for all. And wait, there is more! There is an employee initiated and funded “Care for Life” employee benevolent fund, which is for all the employees, as and when the need be. The fund is used to provide financial support to employees and their families during unforeseen emergencies.

  1. Marriott Hotels India

Marriott treats it’s women employees like a queen (especially on their birthdays). It allows them to celebrate the special days in the hotel by allowing them a treat for six (on the house) or a free stay to experience their own hospitality. As a Marriott employee, one also gets access to the hotels’ various discount policies (food, beverages and room stay in and around the country), international exposure, cross-department exposure and health insurance. What’s not to like and why wouldn’t I as a woman not to work in such plush environment!

  1. Mindtree Consulting

Ranked number 18 in India’s top IT companies, Mindtree is considered to be one of the best companies for women. With a fully equipped daycare centre, and a “Baby’s Day Out” facility on board, they make working a breezy affair for their women employees. The company also offers special holidays to mothers, who wish to extend their maternity leaves, to wives who wish to accompany their spouses on travel or for women who wish to care for dependent family members. That is so much of a consideration! A welcome call for all women brigade!

  1. Silver Spark Apparels

This is a second league brand of the apparel giant Raymonds. The amazing thing is, this company has more than 90% women employees. Hence, the culture and environment there are automatically women friendly. The company offers day care facilities, even teachers to educate the kids along with various ongoing social and cultural activities for the employees and their children. Also, with the large women workforce, the atmosphere is rather relaxed and chirpy, overall.

  1. Accenture

This company, though headquartered in Dublin, boasts of the largest employee base in India. With a hoard of more than 80,000 employees across the nation, it also has a special community for women force, called Vahini. This is a special group which deals with women problems that they might encounter at work, including harassment and other issues. With a 24X7 dedicated helpline for women, this company tops the charts when it comes to providing ample safety and security for the women employees. Pregnant women are facilitated with free visits to specialized gynaecologists.

With more and more such organisational names adding to the women friendly, work-environment list, we sincerely hope more women opt for career building and make identities for themselves.

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