Minissha Lamba: I do believe in remarriage!

Minissha Lamba talks about the idea of remarriage

Remarriage is suddenly the talk of the town. Brands are making a progressive statement; they are creating ads that influence people to release themselves from the shackles of certain taboos. So out of the clear blue sky, it was surprising to see mature marriage based ads on TV and the virtual world. The giggling young blushing bride was replaced by a sorted ‘much older’ woman and the flamboyant dhoom dhadaka were shoved aside by a subtle round of celebrations.

Minissha Lamba was a part of such a commercial. It all starts with Lamba greeting everybody in the house as she puts on her best ethnic bib and tucker. She shares pleasantries with relatives and for a fleeting moment looks at her late dad’s picture and gets emotional. We are still under the impression that she’s the bride, until she enters a room where her mom is waiting anxiously for one of her big days to begin. The scene gives you goose-bumps.

Although the ad is a thought provoking one, we got in touch with Lamba and asked her about her views on the subject of remarriage, and if TV can really bring about a change in the mind-set of people. “I do believe that television is a strong medium, especially when it’s advertising. It’s addressing a serious issue. Taboos are gradually being lifted from certain sections of the society. I do believe in remarriage and I did this ad about 7 years ago before I was doing films. It was ahead of its time. But in 7 short years the concept has percolated enough for a magazine brand to use it as a campaign. I think that’s commendable,” said the Yahaan actor.

Even jewellery brand Tanishq was seen taking the same route of promoting a progressive idea. Shot by English Vinglish director Gauri Shinde, the ad shows theatre babe Priyanka Bose giving the institution of marriage a second try with actor Kavi Shastri. Again a brilliant one!

Will these wonderful concepts help change parochial mind-sets, only time will tell…!



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