Ten Things Only Dog Lovers Will Understand. Puppy Love!!

Dog lovers

Dog lovers – If there are something that is truly loyal to humans, the answer is undoubtedly ‘Dogs’. These buddies are the ones that love you unconditionally and yes – more than they love themselves.

Pity them all, that don’t have a dog for themselves.

You might wonder why?!

It is because the love that the dogs and puppies show towards their owner is just unmatchable with anything. They love you, protect you and just need you to pamper them in return.

That’s is the least thing that dogs need.

And so, here are few things that the dog lovers alone will understand. I am sure, all the dog lovers out there would relate. Here you go.

Dog lovers –

  1. The puppies and dogs get active and happy once they get a sight of you

Once they watch you get home, they become the happiest ones. Nothing can get happiness to them, other than your company. They love doing all sorts of stuff in front of you and get love from you.

Dog lovers

  1. Those little cute expressions

The face and expressions that they make are just so cute. Sometimes a sad face, sometimes really happy face, sometimes confused face – be it anything it make it enjoyable.

Dog lovers

  1. They care and protect you selflessly

Not boosting too much but, they are always the first one that can sense any danger that is coming to you. Alerts you up and protects you from getting hurt or trapped into something bad.

Dog lovers

  1. The little cuties are totally

Wonder, why God made them so cute? Really, their face, nose – everything of them is just so cute. I feel, nothing comes equal to their cuteness. Cuteness overloaded.

Dog lovers

  1. They understand you getting angry at time and forgive you too

They understand you for getting angry at them and forgive also. You are the only one that your dog has got. They will never want to lose you.

Dog lovers

  1. Learn the attitude of dogs

The best thing about these little ones is that they either take in the thing or literally pee on it and walk away. This gives you a lot to learn from them. Let go things and people that you no longer can resist. They get you teacher too 😉

Dog lovers

  1. That look they give out at you 😉

That sad face he makes when you leave him for work get you feeling bad. And that happy and excited face that he makes when you get back home is Aww!! He lives for you, buddy.

Dog lovers

  1. You gotta pamper him, how much ever big he got

Nothing can make the puppies and dog happy like it does when you pamper them. All they look up is to get pampered. Sweetest souls on this planet, I call.

Dog lovers

  1. Haha! Get jealous when you pamper your friend’s dog

Seriously, this one just feels Aww!! They really get jealous when you look and try playing with another dog. They want all your love, just for them and no other dog.

Dog lovers

  1. The one irresistible buddy

My dog is just irresistible that I just can’t stop loving him, even after bad day at work. He is my mood boaster and irreplaceable one in my life.

Dog lovers

These are the thing that relate to Dog lovers – Thanks to these little buddies for being there for you and making life better. It’s just unimaginable to think of life with the best buddy. Isn’t it?!

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