Meet 19-Year-old UK’s Millionaire Who Became A Millionaire In Just A Year!

Akshay Ruparelia

Akshay Ruparelia – There are so many NRI’s who have achieved a lot in the foreign countries and made India proud many times.

This is also a story about one of the Indians who made India proud again. This is not a story about a person who is a software engineer or a scientist, but a story about a real estate agent who became a millionaire in just one year.

He is just 19 years old and his name is Akshay Ruparelia. Yes, he is a millionaire at the age of 19.

Here are more details about 19 years old Akshay Ruparelia and how did he become a millionaire in just one year…

  • Akshay Ruparelia is named as the youngest millionaire in the UK.
  • His net worth is 12 million pounds at present, which is equal to Rs 103.4 Crores in India.
  • He initially took a loan from his relatives for the amount of 7,000 pounds.
  • It took him just 16 months to get popular and to earn a name as the 18th biggest real estate agency in the UK.
  • He started a website on the internet with the name doorsteps.co.uk. Just after few months of starting this website, he had many people who were willing to buy the shares.
  • His first deal was for 99 pounds. He sold a property and a land along with the property for 670,000 pounds. This was his first deal and he was in his school ground when he cracked the deal.
  • This first deal made with really excited but he had no time to celebrate his first success. He just took a Dominos pizza home as he had to prepare for this exam.
  • The most expensive deal Mr. Akshay cracked was for 1.4 million pounds.
  • Coming to his parents, both of them were deaf and they cannot speak as well. Father works as caretaker while his mother works as a teacher for deaf students.

He got all his inspiration from Michael O’Leary who sold flights for the least price possible. So, let us wish our youngest millionaire a very good luck and more success in life.

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