Strange Place In The World Where Time Stands Still

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Thinking about the time standing still is never believed to be true. As we always know that time never waits for anyone, a person may stop for one moment or two. Time has no way to show their stillness, but after knowing about two places In the world. Anyone has to believe that even time stands still. For a moment at least in the whole year, a person may have this feeling.

Getting up early in the morning when looking at the clock, you find that the time is not moving. There is a place that can give this experience.

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Time stands Still In Phoenix, Arizona

The place in USA Arizona does not follow the DST, the day-saving light. They follow the MST, which is the Mountain saving time. While it is similar for neighboring California, both follow the same time zone. Hereby these are the two places that experience the time to stop at least twice a year. It may be a strange observation for people from different parts of the world. Watching the time to stop is a normal part of life for the locals in the country.

California and Arizona have the same schedule from March to November. After which the there is a change in their daytime. The reason for the changes in time and sudden stillness is due to the massive geographical changes. About six times zone changes are experienced when it is in the DST time zone.

If a person travels through the Arizona state route from Tuba city can easily find and calculate the differences. This is the reason that when the country runs on the day-saving time, Arizona is two hours behind Chicago. This is the reason that time seems to simply stop and not to move.

Arizona does not have DST

Due to the changes and remaining behind with the DST, the MST time zone is maintained and followed by Arizona. One can experience the differences in the time of spring when it moves forward to the next. Arizona still stays back.       Only the Navajo Nation can use the DST and experience no such problems as the other parts of the countries do. It lies in the Northeastern part of Arizona.

During World war I, Arizona had two time zones with a concern to conserve fuel for the war. The strategy may sound strange but it was a way to match up with the rest of the USA.  It was later that one hour was added to the MST and finally it is the time zone of Arizona.

Traveling through the different parts of the country may be a great experience. Watching the changes in time makes you feel that time has stopped. Though you are moving the time is somewhere stuck at its point. This is the feeling that a person will enjoy while traveling around the zones with geographical changes and watch time stands still. Instead of moving it does stops.

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