“Draking” Is A New Dating Trend & Drake Deserves All The Thank You’s!

Draking – When I first heard this new term called “Draking”, I thought it’s a term invented by DRAKE. Later I came to realize, that even though it’s not coined by him, it is related to him in many, many ways.

Firstly, let me tell you, that it’s an old dating term but people are catching its fever once again. So what exactly is Draking? Is drake involved? Let’s find out – Draking actually means, “things a person experience when he/she breaks up.” You know, it’s like, crying & drowning in our own tears because the opposite person decided to leave you alone in relationship. In simple words, Draking popularly means wallowing in sadness caused by romantic failures.

Many after their relationships break, put statuses like “I want your hot love & emotion endlessly” or “It’s hard to do these things alone” etc, this proves that they’re in the “Draking” situation. In short, Draking is when a heartbroken person after breakup starts updating their social media by posting “sad quotes, sad songs lyrics or sad poetry verse or anything sad that proves they’re currently in the heartbroken zone.”



Draking doesn’t stop there, as there are many things a person do to express their sadness. It includes, having a conversation with people and indirectly saying something “sad” so that they ask you to explain things & then you tell them about your heartbreaking situation.” OR simply sending your friends sad quotes & telling them how you think your LIFE is pointless at this moment & stuff.

It’s like, these people celebrate sadness in a sad way.

“Drakers” want others to calm them down but even though people come with wise words, Drakers go back home & drown in their sadness all over again.

So now whatever you feel post break up, there’s a name for it. All the DRAKERS out there, even drake is aware of this term & when asked about what he thinks, he said “it’s great.”

Draking : Well, have you ever experienced Draking?

(Source: MensXP)

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