Don’t Want To Play Their Way? Here’s How You Stay Away!

How to stay away from office politics – If you are of the sorts who is determined not to get trapped in the dirty game of office politics, then this is what you should do.

Keep Your Eyes, Ears And Mind Open

If you are smart enough not to play, you will have to be smarter enough to keep your senses open to the play going on in the office. Do not close yourself altogether. Even if you are not giving to the office politics, you have to be receptive enough to block it, if you see it coming. Listen to people, evaluate them, analyse the situation and keep the tips handy for any sort of uncalled for situation. Know your environment inside out. Keep asking questions to your managers or seniors. Observe them carefully. Learn the positives from them. Be receptive for any information about the organisation, its growth, the system, the values, the practical existence of the company. If you find a senior open enough to answer, then ask questions about the risks and decisions involved in short term and long term outcomes. Be crystal clear about the work culture in your office and then  make your own Bible and follow it.


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