Guys, Here are Tips To Get Out of Her Friendzone and Make Her Yours


Friendzone, Friendzoning is cultivating coldness and that’s emotionally draining for a guy who really likes the girl who friendzoned him.

May be you were doing it wrong and mend your ways a bit to get her to notice you. She will start fancying you like you do if you really bring out those buoyant qualities about you.

If you look at the brighter side, friendzone is the tip of the iceberg and you never know what future really holds for you so don’t let down your arms before trying, make her let down her guards and let you in instead.

Here are some really kickass tips that will help you get out of the dark din called friendzone. Read on below:

1 – Red should be your colour:

Red makes a distinct statement and emits sexual energy. She will be your kitten if you are wearing cool Red tee shirts often but make sure it’s not too flashy.

2 – Show off your strong EQ:

People with strong EQ are good listeners and are able to handle complex situations effortlessly. Make empathy your strongest tool to win her trust whenever she feels down. She should feel your presence even if you are not physically with her and starts turning to you in trouble.


3 – Take her name often:

We know you are getting goosebumps already because her name appearing in your notification window always gives you the thrills. So, don’t shy away from taking her name often before her. Call her by her name and to create a better rapport.


4 – Mirror her antics:

If she is a cheerful girl, you should be her mirror. Use the special acronyms and phrases she uses more often and do similar things as her and see the effects!


5 – Play a hard nut to crack:

Playing hard to get ALWAYS works with women. They will wonder what made you give more attention to your male friends suddenly and her curiosity will induce affection in her heart. However, there needs to be a balance as being too aggressive about it might make her loathe you.


Make excuses to meet her often and give the space too. You need to play it really smart. More, using reverse psychology that is to say making her girlfriends dissuade her about you might make things appear challenging to her.

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