Don’t Want To Play Their Way? Here’s How You Stay Away!

How to stay away from office politics – If you are of the sorts who is determined not to get trapped in the dirty game of office politics, then this is what you should do.

So you just started a professional life and still are clueless about many things!

You  are barely able to catch your breath when suddenly you are bombarded by the complimentary bequests of the office life, such as responsibilities, work pressure, deadlines, anxieties, and to top it all the deadly task of maintaining PR, corporate communications and the icing on the cake comes wearing a face called OFFICE POLITICS!

We cannot deny the fact that after a certain time-period spent in office, we start to relate to our colleagues just like we are able to relate to our family. Just like in other relationships of life, outside the office, we feel frustration, competition, a battle for recognition and a desire to be the most favourite one, we have the same aspirations in the office arena too.

Hence comes into the picture, the most dreaded term, Office Politics.

As a fresher, whether you want it or not, you will be caught in the trap of this vicious act of corporate world. But then again, it is totally up to you how you respond to it and become a player or an indifferent one. The fact of the matter is, your career will see the heights mostly because of your work-related skills, your expertise, your dedication and the results you bring in for the company. How you get involved in the office politics, will always be a secondary parameter to decide your course in the organisation.

So, if at all you decide firmly that you are the one who is SERIOUSLY not interested in any such game, here are the most effective ways to make you can stay out of it COMPLETELY!

Do Not Be A Part of Any Group

It is a natural tendency and a usual human behaviour to form groups in some sort of community or enclosed arrangements, just to survive with the help of the company that is found in the groups. The higher management people also tend to create a comfort zone around themselves that can support them in the hours of the need. This is what we call a coalition government. But if you are not willing to be a part of the herd and end-up being the pawns in the hands of managers; stay away. Maintain a healthy distance with all where you share a camaraderie with all, but do not come across as a gossip monger or a player.


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