8 Torture Devices From The Past That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Torture Devices From The Past

Torture Devices From The Past – Let’s talk about Torture devices which were used in the past to kill people. Trust me; you will thank God that these devices are not used anymore. They are so damn torturous, that they’ll scare you for your entire life. What’s bad is, some people went through this torture in the past. Just imagine about it.

Imagining it is also scary.

Well, these are the torture devices that were used in the past to give punishment. Note- These devices will make you question one thing and i.e. why were the creators of these devices so damn cruel?

Let’s begin. (Torture Devices From The Past)

  1. The Brazilian Bull

This Ancient Greek torture device is considered to be one of the most dangerous devices.

The Brazilian Bull was created to put fear in the hearts of enemies in the past. In this device, victims were placed inside a hallow brass statue, and the doors were closed. Fire would then light around the bull, and the victim will be inside screaming etc as the heat used to burn the body.

No one could see what was happening inside, but yeah, it was a very dangerous device. It is been said that this device was invented by a Greek name Perillus.

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