10 Ways a Self-obsessed Man Wrecks Your Heart

Self-obsessed man

Self-obsessed man – Bertrand Russel once said-“The trouble of the World is that the stupid are cocksure and the wise are full of doubt.”

If a strong, independent and impeccably generous girl who gives more than she gets in return, meets a guy who seems to sweep her off her feet, make a universe of promises, manipulate her into loving him and pulls the royal ditch on her eventually to leave her with self-doubt and beaten by bouts of anxiety.

This happens a lot these days, I mentioned the quote because the stupid always knows what he wants, of course, in plainspeak, he wanted to manipulate and succeeded whilst the wise, who never tires from learning, thinks whether she deserves this stupid’s manipulation and grows a adulation for him in this bargain. Once ditched, they learn the greatest lesson in life, understanding the self-worth.

Self-obsessed man manipulates everything in her world, shook her out of her reverie, and caught her in a loop of deceit. He came as a gush of fresh air in her life when she thought the emotional part of her died, took over every aspect of her life and turned her into something she least recognizes now.

It was his magnetic pizzazz that seduced her into falling blindly for him. Her heart was hungry so it bought lies. He meanwhile flirted with many girls, and upon understanding this, when she wanted to pull out, he came back with a fake new excuse. It was because in the sheets below his charming personality, there is a cold-hearted guy whose only agenda was to fulfil his needs no matter even it broke her in the process. Of course she didn’t understand why he is doing what he is doing and still believed him like a love-struck puppy.

He appears to be a good listener and then puts up the beefed up exhibition of ego and she cowers into his web of deception fearing to disagree with him. He is vindictive, stars doubting her although she never gave a reason to, because he is doing immoral things himself. To the gamut he broke her into, that’s beyond repair, but she still seeks the comfort of his embrace, she hates him still and can’t pardon herself for loving him. Everything happened because he found out she had a hollow space in her life and she will be a perfect pawn to feed fat his ego. He can never settle in a comfort zone, he likes the quest and chase of love.

Self-obsessed man likes to be loved, being desired, he wants her to be possessive about him and administers dirtiest of mind games to reach his target. He feigns love, possessiveness in the beginning of the relationship and turns ice-cold later to see her suffer thereby deriving sadistic pleasure from it.

A narcissist will not love anyone but himself. If you one of the ‘hers’ mentioned, it may take some time for you to be normal but trust us, you have been conned. So, better not accept him back ever again.

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